Mommy's Favorite Things: 2016 Scion iA and iM Preview!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2016 Scion iA and iM Preview!

Scion is a fairly newer car brand, released in 2003. But that hasn't stopped them from being one of the greatest car brands in the US. They offer premium content and distinctive design for a great value. 

Scion tailors to people under the age of 35. Mostly college students. And if you need a new vehicle with a great value and great gas mileage, the Scion family might be right for you. But this year on September 1st, Scion is releasing 2 BRAND NEW vehicles. 

I had the opportunity to test drive both new vehicles in Grand Rapids, MI last week and I'm here to share about them with you!

First up is the iM SubCompact Hatchback
Don't let Hatchback scare you. This vehicle is cute and sporty looking and is amazing inside!

The iM starts at just $19,200 for automatic and is even cheaper at $18,460 for manual. Manufactured in Japan. The only options are color and transmission. That is it! It makes the buying process a lot easier because they're not shooting options at you left and right. 

 The iM has a 7" pioneer touchscreen as well as navigation which is FANTASTIC for the price point!

The iM features 60/40 rear seats which makes for more room for traveling or toting things around. 

Other features of the iM are 8 cupholders, dual zone auto climate, 8 airbags, rear backup camera a sport body kit and heated power folding mirrors! For the price point, the features can't be beat.

The iM Automatic gets 28/37 MPG with an average of 32. We took this on a city/country test drive and we averaged 33.

Next up is the SubCompact Sedan iA
Don't let subcompact scare you away. The iA is the PERFECT sedan for an individual!

The iA starts at just $16,800 for automatic and again even cheaper at $15,700 for manual. Again tailored to individuals under 35. And this car is manufactured in Mexico. 75% of buyers of this iA are first time car buyers!!!

Again the iA also features a 7" Pioneer touchscreen and this car has 2 USB ports as well. 

 A push button start, keyless entry makes this car very desireable.

The large trunk is one of my favorite features, hands down!

Some other features of the Scion iA are a backup monitor, traction control, LED lighting and power outside mirrors. But my favorite feature is the Low Speed Pre Collision. It brakes for you if it sees an accident coming and you take no action. So it prevents an accident if need be! 

Navigation is optional in the iA and it also features a 60/40 rear seat. 

So besides color and transmission, the iA also offers the navigation. Those are the only options available. Again making the purchase faster. 

The iA Automatic gets 33/42 MPG with an average of 37. This is AMAZING!!! We took it on a city/country test drive and we were getting 39 I believe. 

Overall I think my favorite was the iM hatchback. The touchscreen/radio was better. It had the GPS and I just felt it was a quieter, smoother ride. However, BOTH vehicles were pretty amazing. Great price point, get you from point A to point B and have great features that you normally pay hundreds-thousands for in a car. So to get them for under $20k is fantastic.

*Disclaimer, I received a trip to Grand Rapids for a test drive of the Scion iA and iM. All opinions here are 100% my own and I was not compensated to write this post, other than my stay in Grand Rapids and the opportunity to test these vehicles.


Amber Ludwig said...

Love them!! They are both super cute and such great prices!!! The subcompact sedan looks so perfect for a first new car :) Yay Scion!

Unknown said...

I would love to take one of these vehicles for a test drive. Thank you for sharing your review and pictues.