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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Zutano Review

I received a sample from Zutano for the sole purpose of this review

We've worked with Zutano a few times now and I've always loved the quality of the clothes. They are heavy duty, last a long time and are perfect for hand me downs or resale. When I had the chance to work with them again, I was excited to see what they'd send this time. And I was shocked to see everything in the box!

We got from the Beep Beep collection!
All of the items are 100% adorable. Here's the tops together.
There are lots of combinations for what I received, but here are a couple I put together!
In the City tee with the Big Pocket Shorts
Beep Beep Polo with Beep Beep Shorts
LOVE the pattern on these.
Beep Beep Big Pocket Tee and Pool Matchstick
The reversible hoodie is ADORABLE!! I can leave it on the navy/white side to coordinate with all these items.
Or I can flip it to the red side for a whole new look!
Liam in the In the City Tee and Beep Beep Shorts!

and in the Big Pocket Tee and Big Pocket Shorts. He's typically in an 18m, these were all 24m and these shorts are still a bit big on him.

Zutano items have always been great for us. They run pretty true to size but maybe a TAD large. But that means we usually get 2 whole seasons out of the clothes depending on how fast my babies grow. These will probably still fit next Spring. But they're not OVERLY huge now!! The Big Pocket Shorts have a longer inseam than the Beep Beep Shorts, so they ARE supposed to be a bit longer!

You can also see that we have the PERFECT shade of turquoise shoes that coordinate with all these items perfectly! We love those moccasins and they match most of his clothes so well, including this Beep Beep Collection.

The items are so thick, sturdy and durable. They will last for years even through multiple children. And Zutano has a great resale value as well! That really helps my decision when buying a higher end brand of clothes for my kids. 

Nothing shrinks or comes undone in the washer/dryer. I just love the quality of Zutano items and you definitely get your price worth!

Newborn/Preemie Girl
Baby Boy 
Toddler Girl


and MORE!

Price: The pieces I received are priced as follows
Big Pocket Shorts: $32, Beep Beep Shorts: $17, Matchstick Jeans: $33, In the City Short Sleeve: $18, Beep Beep Big Pocket: $20, Beep Beep Polo: $27, Hoodie: $44

Some of the above items are on sale. The Polo for instance is $20.25 right now!

Overall: ***** as always! We love Zutano!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Zutano in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Zutano for allowing me to review this product 


Unknown said...

We love Zutano clothing. The clothes are high quality, durable, and look great.