Mommy's Favorite Things: Chimparoo Review

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chimparoo Review

I received a sample from Chimparoo for the sole purpose of this review

Chimparoo is a Canadian baby company that specializes in baby carriers. Mostly wraps and ring slings. I've heard of the brand quite a bit since the beginning of my babywearing days and decided it was finally time to try one out. I've only heard good things!

I received the Fiesta Wrap in a Medium Size (3.6 meter or size 4)

Comes with instructions and a DVD
 Beautiful colors!!!

Here is Liam in a Robin's Hip Carry (the tails go OVER the legs, I corrected it later)
He is 16 months old and about 23.5 pounds.
The wrap is truly gorgeous!!
 He's so squishy!! I love babywearing SO much!!
 And my BIG boy (okay not really). 3.5 and about 27.5 pounds in a Poppins Hip Carry

The wrap is TRULY gorgeous! A real rainbow and the colors are truly stunning!

The wrap is a cotton twill woven fabric. Which means that the 'strings' and fibers are woven together to create a solid cloth. It makes the wrap have NO weight limit. These can easily hold a child up to 75 pounds and even larger. And you don't feel like you're wearing a child that heavy either. When baby is on your back they feel weightless!!

Woven wraps are wonderful for newborns on up. A stretchy wrap is limited to up to 30 pounds usually, but I find only about 4 months of age and then they get too heavy and it starts sagging. A woven wrap doesn't sag, so it's wonderful for more versatility. From birth until you're done wearing baby. The investment is much more worth it. PLUS you can tie it in a bunch of different ways and use it on your back as well. I love tying my wrap in multiple new ways and learning a new way that's more comfy for us. 

Chimparoo has some GORGEOUS colors of wraps, but they also offer Mei Tai's, Ring Slings and a 2.0 carrier!

Price: It depends on the size of your wrap. Ring Slings are $89.95, the wrap I received in size 4 is $89.95 as well, but this is a great price for a woven wrap!

Overall: ***** LOVE my new wrap. It's woven very well and is soft right out of the box!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Chimparoo in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Chimparoo for allowing me to review this product 


AnarchyMomma said...

I wish I would have had one of these with my youngest.
She's 3 now, but it would have made shopping and going out so much easier because she loved to be held.
Love that you have a rainbow one, I would have put a rainbow dash patch on there lol.

Janet W. said...

I love the colors of these wraps! Looks really comfortable for mom and baby!