Mommy's Favorite Things: Dyson Fan Heater Review

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dyson Fan Heater Review

I received an item from Dyson for the sole purpose of this review

Dyson has quickly become an American household staple name. Dyson is always releasing new, innovative items that capture American's hearts and makes them want to purchase. Recently they came out with a new hot+cool heater/fan. It's the AM09 and I had the chance to try it out in the Iron/Blue

 How it arrived
Unit, Base and the remote in the base

I really like Dyson's technology for their fan/heater. They have Jet Focus Control where it just blows on you, or Diffused Mode where it gets the whole room. Just with the push of a button. So whether you're alone in a room or having a party, everyone can be comfortable with the AM09 fan/heater.

And of course they're known for their bladeless fans. You can see here that the inside is raised up a bit, allowing air to escape through that little gap.
The remove is magnetic and sticks to the top of the unit, and it is super simple to use.
 A full heater up to 99 degrees fahrenheit. Or it's a cooling fan
 Angle tilt pivots on its own center of gravity, to really help aim the heat/cool toward you!

This is the ONLY fan/heater on the market that has the Quiet Mark Accreditation. It is 75% quieter than most. 

It pulls in 7 gallons of air per second to really give you a powerful and consistent airflow. 

If the fan/heater tips over it automatically shuts off. Even though there's no blades this is particularly great for when it's in heat mode, no burnt carpet! 

My overall favorite though is definitely the bladeless aspect. It is perfect for kids and cats, no risk of burning themselves since there's no exposed elements and obviously no risk of cutting themselves on it either. 

It's super easy to clean too, just dampen a cloth and wipe down. No hard to reach places which I love. It takes literally 30 seconds to wipe it down. 

And if you ever have any problems, it has a 2 year full warranty! So that is amazing!

Price: $449.99 for this model. They also have an AM05 that is $399.99.  But I truly think it's worth it. It's small, but really packs a powerful punch and works to heat/cool down a whole room. 

Overall: ***** Ours will get a lot of use this summer. We keep our air on about 78, so this will help to keep us cool this summer. 
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Dyson in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out this product*
A big thank you goes out to Dyson for allowing me to review this product 


Amber Ludwig said...

We love dyson!! Our vacuum is seriously my favorite appliance ever!! I love that their products are made easy to clean!! Makes life so much easier!! My hubby and I checked out one of their fans around the time we bought our vacuum and were super impressed!!

Keara B. said...

I've always thought these looked so cool and would love to have one. We used a box fan in our daughter's room during the summer but I was always worried she'd stick a finger in there and get hurt. Even though she's older, it would still be nice to not have to worry about that!

charlos john said...

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