Mommy's Favorite Things: BeliBea Nursing/Pumping Bra Review & Giveaway

Friday, April 10, 2015

BeliBea Nursing/Pumping Bra Review & Giveaway

I received a sample from BeliBea for the sole purpose of this review

BeliBea is a newer nursing bra company. And it is great. It's not just a nursing bra, but also a pumping bra ALL IN ONE! Some mothers exclusively nurse, some exclusively pump, and some do both. This is truly the perfect bra for anyone planning to, or are currently, doing any amount of pumping!

Even though I'm done pumping, I still love this bra! It is a genius design.
I received one of the Nourish by BeliBea bras to try out
 The bra first looked super supportive, even though wirefree and I couldn't wait to try it on!

 3x3 clasps to help keep the bra tight fitting and in place
 The inside of the bra
 Pull down the first layer to expose the pump part, Just stick your pump flange into the slit and get to pumping, which your bra holds your pump flange in place.
 or unclip both for full nursing.
 The clasps. The pump part clips to the bottom and the bra clips to the top
 It also has removable pads for discreet or comfort.

The bra is real soft and stretchy. It's great for accommodating growing/shrinking breasts perfectly. It isn't a strict size so it fits a wide variety of breast sizes within each size. Comes in sizes s-xl. But the small does 32d-36b. So a wide variety. I'm in between sizes at a 34 c/d. So I received the size small since it's stretchy and it truly fits me perfectly! I couldn't ask for a more comfortable bra right now. 

Since I'm no longer pumping (I did pump to donate over 1400 ounces in about 5-6 months time!) this bra is a bit tedious for me. Since I have to unclip the bra part and then the pump part and then clip them back on. BUT I still like to wear it, since it's so soft and stretchy. And my breasts seem to be constantly growing or shrinking since I'm 14.5 months nursing right now so this bra really helps accommodate that for me. 

Right now the bra only comes in the nude color, but it's the perfect color right?

Price: $50 on their website

Overall: ***** A great bra for pumping mothers!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from BeliBea in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to BeliBea for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway


ColleenMarie82 said...

I like that this product was designed by a mother of 4 who had a need.

Amanda said...

I learned that this bra line was founded by Melissa Holland, mother of four and was actually designed by her husband.

Unknown said...

i like that it's seamless and enables you to have hand free pumping. it's great that it was designed by a mom of 4.

Unknown said...

I learned that the woman who designed this product was a mom of 4! Go mom!