Mommy's Favorite Things: "For the Love of Mom" Sponsor Spotlight- UV Skinz

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"For the Love of Mom" Sponsor Spotlight- UV Skinz

I received an item from UV Skinz for the sole purpose of this review

We have worked with UV Skinz a couple times now and we've always loved the quality of our items. So I was super excited when they asked if I wanted to do another review on their new releases! I was super excited to see more clothing type items as opposed to just swimming. So I opted for a Whale Traffic RomperLime Sunzie and Navy Water Jelliez. Items are 12/24m and the shoes are a 5.

UV Skinz is one of the leaders for sun protective clothing and they have been for quite some time now!

Details on the sunzie! LOVE all the contrast colored snaps, and their logo is super cute on the leg too!
 and details on the romper! Cute pockets on the back and front and there are 2 snaps for the shoulder straps to make it adjustable in length.
 and the Water Jelliez are super adorable! 
 He is so handsome!!
 Definitely looks ready for summer!

They are both chlorine and saltwater resistant, so perfect for splashing around this summer. I know that these will keep his skin protected from the sun all summer long. Everything is certified UPF 50+. So no sun is getting through to his precious, delicate skin.

Did you know that cotton only blocks 5% of incoming rays? That means you CAN get a sunburn through your clothes. I don't want to take that chance on my babies!

The Sunzie is a super light material, so don't let the long sleeves fool you. It's similar to stay dry t-shirts from the store. Super light and airy. The Romper is kind of like swimsuit material, also light and airy. Both are perfect for the hot summers. And Liam can even wear the romper around the house without the sunzie too. 

The Jelliez are super cute. They mix water shoes with jellie sandals an put them into one. PERFECT for going to the beach. They are water safe, and will protect little feet from rocks and little animals in the ocean (if you live near one!)

The items are machine washable, but line dry only! Which is no problem for us in the summer, and even in rain these will dry super fast inside the house!

Loving our UV Skinz items this year and hoping we can get to use them soon!

With every order placed in May, UV Skinz sends a free Baby Sun Shirt in 12/24m  for their annual Save a Baby's Skin Campaign. It's to help raise awareness about UV Protective Clothing.

Price: The Romper is $22.95 and comes in sizes 6/12m-4t. The Sunzie is $24.95 and comes in sizes 3/6m to 2/3t. Jelliez are $18.95, come in pink also and come in sizes 5-9 for toddlers. 

Overall: *****
SInce this is an event for MOM!! Let me show you some of UV Skinz wonderful mom items too!

Cover up!

Wonderful right??
Well your chance to win is coming up!!

For the "For the Love of Mom" Giveaway Hop. UV Skinz is offering a $40 certificate!!!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from UV Skinz in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to UV Skinz for allowing me to review this product


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