Mommy's Favorite Things: 2015 Mazda5

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Mazda5

Are you looking for a smaller version of a minivan? Something that still holds more people than the average sedan, gets great gas mileage, and is sleek looking? The Mazda5 just might be what you're looking for.

The Mazda5 gets 21 and 28 mpg. So it averages about 24. This is pretty great for any vehicle, let alone a minivan. 
The Mazda5 has a very distinct look, it takes a car, station wagon and van and mixes them all together to create an unmistakable and unforgettable vehicle!

The Mazda5's MSRP starts are $21,240 so it is a very affordable minivan. I received the Grand Touring model for my test drive and it retails at $25,640

The Mazda5 has some features that a lot would enjoy.

A really nice and sleek looking dashboard. Keeps it all right in front of you, but still keeping it simple

 Lots of wonderful stereo controls
It comes with sirius capabilities as well as a CD player. 
 The grand touring also features an automatic sunroof
Radio, climate control and outside temperature are all displayed in the middle of the dash. It also shows how many miles until empty here as well (all the way on the right)
 Nice center console to store all your things
 Very roomy! My husband's 6'6" friend fits in this van comfortably!
 The Mazda5 seats 6 passengers. 2 in the front row, 2 in the middle row captain's seats and 2 in the very back. Most vans seat 7, but this Mazda5 is very slim and narrow (while still being comfortable) so it only seats 6.
 A very roomy middle row

The Mazda5 has a great feature that I love! It has the middle row center console that can store inside the passenger side seat. It is really a neat little feature. 
First you pull the little tab on the seat, Pop the seat up and then flip the console into the seat. It stores it away nicely.
Middle row captain's seats backs adjust easily. Just pull the handle on the side of the seat to adjust
 Laying down all the way!
 You can also easily slide the seat forward for access to the third row.
 Definitely not the biggest of trunks.
 But if you don't need the third row, then it's HUGE! 44.4 cu ft of space to be exact!
I also love the cup holders in the third row.
 Headrests adjust in the third row as well. 

The Mazda5 was a very smooth ride. Their motto is the Zoom Zoom and this definitely fits that definition. The car has a lot of power, it took off really fast and powerful and had wonderful handling capabilities as well. 
This has been rated as the "Best Minivan for your Money" in 2014- U.S. News and World Report

It also features the same things other vans do like the sliding rear doors. They are a very smooth system too and slide very easily. I just don't like that they aren't automatic!

So if you're looking for a smaller version of a minivan and want the feeling of a car the Mazda5 is for you. It sits lower than other minivans and has that low profile distinct look.

*Disclaimer, I received a Mazda5 for a 1 week test drive. All opinions here are 100% my own and I was not compensated to write this post, other than receiving the vehicle.


JewelWood said...

I would love to have a fancy big car like this to travel in. Mazda makes great cars and SUVs. This looks so roomy and I like the color and style!

Unknown said...

My car was totaled a few years ago and this was what I got drive around for 3 weeks, courtesy of Geico! It was AMAZING to say the least! We're planning on buying a new vehicle next year, to comfortably tote our growing family, and it is absolutely between this and a Honda Pilot; pretty tough decision we have ahead of us! Thanks for this review!