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Monday, January 5, 2015

izon Cam Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of izon, the WiFi camera line powered by Stem Innovation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having 3 children means I need a way to monitor them. Especially my 2 boys since they're still so young (3 and almost 1) and they share a room. We've tried a few cameras in the past, but they always lacked at least 1 thing. I do think it's hard to find that PERFECT camera monitor, but izon camera comes close. 

We received an izon baby monitor to try out. Which I put in my boys room.

 Everything included. 
It came with the camera, the plug/adapter, mounting screws and the instructions.

I really love the izon's concept though. The camera itself is magnetic and sits on the magnetic base. So it has a very wide range of motion as you can see below. 
 It really can see the whole room. And if you put it in the middle of the room it can do a full 360.
You start by plugging in the cord, the little USB goes at the back of the camera and it goes in all the way, so it's unlikely to be unplugged by toddlers.

The set up process was very simple. You plug in the camera, download the free app on your phone and follow the instructions. It took about 3-4 minutes and was super quick. From there you can move the camera around the house and plug it in where you wish, as at that point it uses your wi-fi to connect. 

The izon camera will send you push notifications to your phone any time motion or sound is detected. It also 'records' the last 100 playbacks so you can view them later. You can also control the sensitivity of these so you don't get notifications for every little movement. You can also watch and listen live from anywhere. Even across the world.

The only reasons I don't still have it in my boys room is 1. I can't listen in all night long with my phone and 2. I couldn't figure out how to move the camera from my phone, within the app.  I could move it manually, but couldn't find anywhere on the app to move the camera. 

Since I mainly need a camera at night for when the kids wake up, having to have the app open on my phone all night long just wasn't a good plan.

But it would be great as an izon pet cam or izon home monitor. Just for overnight listening, it's not practical for me.

Price: The 2.0 is just $79.95. They also have a view for $99.95. Buy Here!

Overall: ****
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Sarah Matos said...

I like the idea of inexpensive wifi monitoring. Simpler than expensive house equipment. Peace of mind shouldnt cost an arm and leg.

Conservamom said...

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing this fantastic product!

Olivia said...

That's surprisingly reasonable for everything it does!

Anne Marie said...

I think your idea of using it as a pet cam or home monitor is brilliant. Great review!

Unknown said...

This would be so nice for my husband and for our little Deaf baby. Since he tends to be a little more quiet. Nice Review!