Mommy's Favorite Things: How to Make a Christmas Tree out of a Cloth Napkin

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to Make a Christmas Tree out of a Cloth Napkin

A great idea for those hosting dinner tonight or tomorrow! I know it's a bit last minute, sorry about that! But here's a great way you can turn your cloth napkins into Christmas trees! Obviously green is more tree-esque, but any color works great!!! 

First fold your napkin length wise (hot dog style)
Excuse my 'used' napkins!

Then in half again, hamburger style

Bring the corner with all the loose edges facing you, this should put the napkin in a diamond shape

 flip up each layer 1 by 1. Layer them so there is space between each layer

 Once they are all done...

 put your hand on top and carefully flip the whole napkin over.

 Then, leaving the point on top, grab each of the other corners an pull them on top of each other.

like so.

then carefully turn it over again, and flip the first layer up.

Then flip each layer after up, tucking under the one before it.

once you have done each layer, you have a Christmas tree!
They take about 30 seconds each and even my 7.5 year old can do them!

Fun right???
Feel free to pin these images! Perfect for this time of the year!


Shelly Peterson said...

This is a really neat idea. I will have to do this next year.