Mommy's Favorite Things: What we've been up to!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What we've been up to!

Man oh Man have things been crazy!!
I feel like since Liam has been born I have been super overwhelmed with everything. My house and the blog are just the bare basics as of late. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's been difficult.

Juggling my oldest with school and then my toddler and Liam along with appointments, the house, the blog, etc has just been a lot for me. I don't know how you mommies (and daddies) with more children or with children in extra curriculars do it!! It's a LOT and my kids don't even have extra curriculars or play dates very often.

So with that, blogging about life has become very rare around here. I just don't have the time to sit down and write anythig personal these days.

So I'm cramming it into one post!

Liam is now 9.5 months old!! He'll be 10 months on the 12th and I can't believe it! I can't believe he's almost 1!
He is 20 pounds (my biggest baby by far) and about 30". He has 2 teeth and is cruising and crawling like a champ. He can even stand unassisted for a few seconds at a time.

Halloween was very cold here. VERY cold. My daughter was a Plum Fairy, Emerson was a T-Rex and Liam briefly dressed up as a Monster (Emerson's 1st costume). It was 27, rainy and 60mph winds so I made up some hot chocolate, we dressed in layers and I took the oldest 2 out while my husband stayed home with Liam. It was just way too cold for him to be out there. We did 8 houses and quickly came back home! The Sunday before Halloween was 70 degrees, and Yesterday was 60. Michigan sucks!
Don't mind my cat and kid blinds ;)
Here are my boys their first Halloween. Emerson is just 2 week's 'older' than Liam, so they are the same age here.
The resemblance is uncanny right??

Other than that, I've been busy knitting and cleaning my house. I'm purging LOTS of stuff and will actually be starting a blog challenge at the beginning of the year to help YOU purge your crap in your house!
It's been a process for me, but I'm ready to just let go of everything and live with much less. It's kind of necessary with 5 living in 1500 sq ft with no basement, attic or storage. 

Some knitting projects I've finished recently

as well as MANY dish cloths!

Kids got pictures done on October 10th, and then I WON a family photo shoot with the same photographer, we get those done on the 8th. AS soon as I get my pictures back I'll share them here! I can't wait to see them!! 

That's what we've been up to!

Look for some recipes coming here soon on the blog as well as that challenge!