Mommy's Favorite Things: Bags of Sugar Review & Giveaway

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bags of Sugar Review & Giveaway

I received a sample from Bags of Sugar for the sole purpose of this review

Any of us who are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or babysitters know that babies kick off blankets right? They never seem to keep them on. So when I came across Bags of Sugar I thought, GENIUS!!! And it truly is. 

It's like a sack, but doesn't go over the shoulders at all. It is just a sack that goes over the baby and then has elastic to keep the blanket tight on their chest. 
We received the Construction bag

The bags are Reversible, so you can do the minky on the outside...
 Or the flannel on the outside.

The bags are made out of flannel and minky and are really soft and super warm. 

I would say these fit NB up until about 12 months of age. My 9m old still fits in it pretty perfectly. 

This is truly perfect now in the fall and upcoming winter. If you're planning on leaving the house and spending some time outside this is truly great. It's really easy to slip on and it STAYS on. 

I have used mine twice already. One time we were heading to the outdoor mall. I put it on him and put him in the stroller, there's enough slack that I was able to pull the crotch strap up around the bottom and buckle him in securely. And the other time was when I took my older 2 kids to the park. Both times was a bit chilly out and this was just perfect as it couldn't be kicked off and it completely covered him front and back to keep out the chill. 

I love our bag and I hope to get to use it more before he outgrows it!! It's truly a great, genius product. 

NEVER use it on your child to sleep unattended and NEVER use it in a car seat!

They also offer free US/CAN shipping! And they are fully machine washable!

Price: They are $49.95 each. 

Overall: *****

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from  Bags of Sugar in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Bags of Sugar for allowing me to review this product  and for offering a giveaway


Unknown said...

I would choose the Butterfly To-Go Bag. Super cute!

Unknown said...

I would choose the Pink Chevron To Go Bag & I'd gift it to my cousin who's due with her first baby, a little girl, in early January! These ARE genius! So wish I'd had something similar when my tots were itty bitty! :)

Unknown said...

Hi! On the option where it says to 'Enter this Giveaway' (worth 5), the link is not working for me. I've tried several times, but I continue to get this error message:
AccessDeniedAccess DeniedF9EDC8503A13F9F9e3luTFspeHJOgyzb8hnKB9xgZr2eTERhTH8hG5JRNrNrvtBUgLM/9odyMjPu1T+mAkgApCuu998=
Thank you!
Amanda S.

Anonymous said...

I many choose the Construction Truck To-Go Bag. I'm still waiting to find out sex of baby.

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I would love to win the Construction Truck To-Go Bag for my little one!
Thank You for the chance

Fiona N

Michele P. said...

I like the green chevron to go bag!

Dawn said...

I'd pick the construction or blue chevron bag.

Janna said...

I would choose the Green Chevron to go bag. I have two boys but am sticking to a lot of gender neutral items in case i have a girl in the future.

Leela said...

I like the Construction Truck To-Go Bag.

polly said...

I like the Hearts To Go Print Bag

Unknown said...

Hearts to Go-Bag!!!!

Tylerpants said...

My pick would be the pretty Hearts To-Go Bag. Lisa L tylerpants(at)