Mommy's Favorite Things: "Fall in Love with Giveaways" Giveaway Hop Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight- Mixie

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Fall in Love with Giveaways" Giveaway Hop Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight- Mixie

I'm exclusively breastfeeding, so although I don't have a need for the Mixie, I can definitely see it as a need for formula feeding moms. Especially in those early days when everything is just one big blur!

What is Mixie you ask? It's very simple!! It's a baby bottle, but it's not just any baby bottle. You scoop baby formula into a compartment, twist the compartment into the bottle and fill the bottle with water. Not so crazy yet right? When you're ready to mix the bottle, just push a button on the bottom of the bottle. It knocks the lid off the compartment. Give the bottle a good shake and it's ready to go. 

This is perfect for on the go really. But it's great for babysitters as well. And well, it's great any time!!! It is perfect and so convenient! And it all comes apart for easy cleaning too. 

Available in 4oz and 8oz sizes. It is BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe. So it's like any other bottle. Except it's not ;)

Near me, i's available at Nordstrom. But it's also in some Babies R Us and walgreen's as well. 

Price: $17 for the 4oz and $20 for the 8oz bottle. And although this seems pricey, 3 bottles is more than enough technically!! You can wash one, have one in use and one as backup. So it's not so bad!
You can also buy it right here on Amazon

For the hop, Mixie is offering an 8oz bottle worth $20!!
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