Mommy's Favorite Things: Cedar Point Review

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cedar Point Review

I received complimentary tickets to Cedar Point for the sole purpose of this review

Last year my husband and his friend went to the Halloweekends at Cedar Point. This year he headed down there with a different friend. I don't like roller coasters. I'm not a thrill seeker so I was lucky to score him tickets to go with a friend who loves coasters just as much as he does. This year they went down there in May (just after opening weekend) and had a blast!

In case you didn't know. Cedar Point is in Sandusky Ohio, which means that it's right on Lake Erie
How beautiful

Now the good stuff. 
Cedar Point has 2 new rides this year. Tailored mainly at the younger crowd, they have the Lake Erie Eagles and Pipescream

Cedar Point also has Camp Snoopy which has a bunch of kids rides and fun

They have also added a splash pad recently.

Last year they added the Gatekeeper and that is definitely one of my husband's favorites. When he went last year he rode it like 8 times, and this year he said 4. It's his most ridden coaster to date! He loves it and says it's a blast.

Some other things going on at Cedar Point

Of course they have Top Thrill Dragster too

and a few other coasters

Overall they had a blast. Cedar Point is about 2.5 hours away from us so it's not real far and is something that he can do 2-3 times a year with ease. He loves going and checking out the new rides and fun that are added just about every year. 

It's $49.99 for an adult, $34.99 for kids and Seniors for a day. OR $124 for a season pass. It's affordable for a day of fun, that's for sure! 

There's something to do at Cedar Point for everybody. They have antique cars, a ferris wheel, carousel and more. 

Will you be checking out Cedar Point this year?
*Disclaimer* I received tickets directly from Cedar Point in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Cedar Point  for allowing me to review this product