Mommy's Favorite Things: Joovy Review

Friday, March 28, 2014

Joovy Review

I received a sample from Joovy for the sole purpose of this review
I have worked with Joovy quite a few times now. I just love their items and we have never ever been disappointed. Usually I review gear. So far 2 strollers and a high chair, but I knew that when my newest little one arrived I would want to try their bottle line called Boob! They looked so neat and so simple that I just had to try them. 

I was very generously sent 4 of the glass bottles (1 of each color, two 5oz and two 8oz) and also a 13 piece starter kit of the original PP plastic bottles with accessories.

Glass bottles come with silicone sleeves on them so they're protected from drops and falls and won't break.
The 5oz bottle comes with a slow flow nipple, while the 8oz comes with a medium flow.
This is the CleanFlow Vent. It has tabs that fit perfectly onto the bottle's neck to eliminate miss-fittings that can cause leaks and inconsistent liquid flow.
With the seal on the bottle
The starter kit had one 5oz bottle, one 9oz bottle, bottle brush, nipple brush, sealing cap and 6 different nipples. Each little 'dome' has 2 nipples in it and the flow rates are marked on the bottom and are also directly on the nipple.
Clear bottles make it easy to see contents and ounces.

Sealing cap for traveling and 2 extra CleanFlow Vents.

I personally love these bottles. They are just 3 pieces so cleaning is a breeze. They are also top rack dishwasher safe which is a time saver and awesome for me. 

My 2.5 month old actually takes these bottles, even from me. He doesn't usually take bottles from me, but he really seems to like these ones. I like that they are simple and chemical free. I really like the glass bottles with sleeves, they are very attractive and are unique.

The nipples have been designed to make transitioning from breast to bottle and bottle to breast an easy and natural process. The large diameter base and nipple length assist your baby in properly latching onto the nipple.

Overall we have been really liking these bottles and I'm glad I have some larger sizes to use once he's eating more at time.

Price: Glass bottles are $21.99, PPSU bottles are $9.99 each, the starter kit is $59.99

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Joovy in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Joovy for allowing me to review this product


Ariana said...

I really like that they offer glass. It feels so much safer than plastic to me as far as chemicals ho.

Lynne said...

I have to be truthful and say that glass bottles scare me a little, as I envisioning them somehow being dropped or whacked up against something and tiny shards of glass spraying everywhere ~ but I know that from an environmental standpoint they are better, and from the aspect of chemicals too.

Maryann D. said...

These bottle look so modern, and convenient. I do like the colors and that they are glass.
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Keara B. said...

With my first baby, I didn't switch over to glass bottles until she was much older. I'd like to start out with glass earlier on with my second baby but wasn't sure which bottles to try, or how they would work. Thanks for this review- I'll keep them in mind when it's time to buy smaller glass bottles!

Janet W. said...

I love that they have a glass bottle option with silicone sleeves to protect them against drops!