Mommy's Favorite Things: Well Beginnings Diapers Review

Monday, February 24, 2014

Well Beginnings Diapers Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.
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We use cloth diapers most of the time, but choose to use disposables at night. They are more absorbent and just work best for us overnight. Now that I have 2 in diapers I look for the most affordable options but the diapers still have to work well for us. We received a Jumbo pack of size 4 Well Beginnings Diapers and a package of wipes. 

Well Beginnings Diapers can be found at Walgreen's and are a very affordable option. 
Here it looks like any high end diaper, but is much more affordable. 
The diapers feature a very adorable elephant on them and there are 2 styles per package.
We also received wipes which are really nice and thick and definitely get the job done. They are sensitive wipes too so they are fragrance free.

The diapers have a cottony soft outer and hypoallergenic extra soft inner. Inside the diaper is pretty amazing. 
They have soft stretchable waist and side panels as well as an extra soft inner liner that contains natural botanicals, vitamin E and Aloe.
 The stretchy tabs
 My son is about 24 pounds at just over 2 years old. He always wears 4 and these fit him great. He still fits in size 3's, but leaks out of them.

I really like that these have the botanicals, vitamin E and Aloe. They are great at helping prevent diaper rashes this way. It's like built in diaper rash cream. 

This diaper is equivalent to our favorite diaper that we use at night currently. It's definitely better than other store brands that we have tried. I like that it stacks up to the higher end brands, but has the price of the cheaper store brand diapers. For us that is a huge plus. 

I'll be totally honest, once we run out of the diapers we currently use, I will most likely buy these from now on. They work really well, absorb really well, don't stink when wet and have a great fit.

The diapers feature excellent leakage protection for both day and night. Even though my son sleeps 14 hours at night, these have been amazing and definitely get the job done.

Price: The Jumbo Pack is just $8.99. The premium box which has 82 of the size 4 are $17.49 or 2 for $34 right now. 

Overall: ***** Diapers do a wonderful job and have worked great for us. 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.


Sandra VanHoey said...

I should tell my niece about this who has a sister expecting in August and wants to stock up on things before he shower. These sounds pretty nice

Janet W. said...

I love the stretchy tabs! The design is really cute, too!

Julie G. said...

I will have to look into these... We cloth diaper but use disposables at night and here and there during the day depending on how busy we are. I like that u say they don't stink when wet... I hate that. The chemical smell is the worst in some disposables... Thanks for the review!