Mommy's Favorite Things: P.J. Salvage Review & Giveaway (HOLIDAY GIFT)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

P.J. Salvage Review & Giveaway (HOLIDAY GIFT)

I received a sample from PJ Salvage for the sole purpose of this review
I always need new Pajamas. Typically I wear workout/lounge pants and some random t-shirt to bed. Although that method works, it's nice to have some warm pajamas in the winter to snuggle up with. When I came across P.J. Salvage I knew I had to contact them about one of their comfy PJ sets!

I received the Kiss Kiss Flannel Set (now sold out) in a Medium and I'm in love!!!

 They're Navy I promise. 
They have really nice, sturdy buttons on the top.
 Pockets on the top as well.
 Typically I'm between a Small and Medium. I got the Medium as I like oversized pajamas. 
These are definitely a bit big, but not so big I can't wear them. The pants have a drawstring on them and are a tad long, the top is a bit baggy. This is even over a 29 week belly :)
But they will still fit great after baby arrives as well. 

Pajamas are flannel so are super warm and comfy. I like to wear them all weekend during the day if I'm not going anywhere! They're so warm I don't want to take them off.
I thought maybe they'd shrink a bit after I washed them. They didn't! Which is a good thing if they fit you pretty well. So no shrinkage from P.J. Salvage jammies! 

I love the print on these pajamas. The kisses makes me feel feminine, but it doesn't overdo it.

They have some other adorable flannel prints available too.

And they also have other wonderful collections and styles too

They also have nice robes and plenty of other items!
Price: The flannel sets are $62.

Overall: ***** Love these jammies!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from PJ Salvage in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to PJ Salvage for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway


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Unknown said...

I love the paisley and floral skull sets!! Adorable!

GraceA said...

Floral Skulls Flannels

Lisa Garner said...

I would choose the "HOOTIE" FLANNEL PJ SET, BROWN

bbrittbrat1398 said...

I would choose the snowmen!
Brittney House

dpschad said...

I would like the Snowman flannel pj in lime.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick the monkey bus

cpage2323 said...

hootie flannels
trixie420247at yahoo dot com

Carolyn Daley said...


Unknown said...

I liked the "MERRY WINE" FLANNEL PJ SET, RED the best.

Pixel Berry Pie Designs said...

Oh, these are so cute! I want the Dog Days flannel set in aqua!

Brian E. said...

Thanks for the giveaway… Paisley !

MELINA said...


Marcia Lee said...

I received a very cute pair of flannel pajamas from my daughter for Christmas and I love, love, love them. So much so that I want to buy another pair or two. Thank you for the review of P.J. Salvage.

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