Mommy's Favorite Things: Sea World Orlando

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sea World Orlando

I received Media Tickets from Sea World for the sole purpose of this review

I have only been to Orlando once in my life. I was 6.5 and it was over Christmas Break. That was 1996 so it's definitely been a long time and it was so exciting to go back and see what I could remember and see what was different. We got a chance to go to Sea World and I remembered a few things from there and it was really nice to revisit those. 

The first thing we did when we got there was visit the sting rays of course. You can pet them and feed them and have a good time. I remember doing this from my childhood so I'm hoping it's a memory that will last forever with my daughter (almost 6.5)

They are a total blast. It was fun seeing the people feeding them, they would all flock to one area and come out of the water to get their food. Very interesting to see feeding time for these guys. 

Sea World is all about the sea nature of course, so they have dolphins and whales and turtles, etc. So many fun animals to see. 
We of course had to see the Clyde and Seamore show which is one of the most popular there

 Plus they had a walrus join the show!

And then of course, the most popular show there is the One Ocean whale show. 

 We sat in the third row and poor Emerson got soaked! I used daddy's hat to try and block him and that failed!

It was definitely a fun packed day at Sea World. If you do rides they have plenty of those as well. Like the Manta

And the Kraken

And also the Journey to Atlantis

There's also the Arctic section there
And it contains the Wild Arctic Ride. Jon and Avery did that one together and took some pictures of the Penguins at the end!

Dolphins, Turtles and a Manatee OH MY

It was a great day. We saw some shows, saw some animals, pet some animals and ate lunch. Sea World closes early each day, so we were able to get out of there at closing time (well about 45 minutes after) and get home at a decent time that evening. 

Overall there is lots to do at Sea World Orlando and if you're ever down there I encourage you to visit. 
*Disclaimer* I received Media Tickets directly from Sea World in exchange for a review. I was not paid to visit their park*
A big thank you goes out to Sea World  for allowing me to visit their park