Mommy's Favorite Things: Umi Shoes Review

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Umi Shoes Review

I was sent shoes from Umi for the sole purpose of this review

We love our Umi Shoes. Every year we get them and each year we are more and more satisfied. The quality of the shoes is just amazing and it means they last a very long time. 

This year we got the Raymon in Navy Multi for Emerson and the Glimmerz in Ocean/Dk Navy for Avery.

We got Emerson the size 20. They fit him pretty well. They have a bit of growing room in there, but he'll wear them with socks most the time and I want them to last through Spring, so I think the 20 was the right size to get. (He's currently a 19 or so).
These shoes are SO cute on his little feet.
 I LOVE the Glimmerz, they are so adorable and perfect for school. Plus they're navy, so they'll match EVERYTHING.
 They look great on Avery. We got the 31 (she's comfortably a 30 now) and they are a tad big, but will last her through the Spring as well. They're not so big that they'll slip off her though so it makes them great for school now in the fall.

Umi's sizing is the only thing I have trouble with. 
Last Spring they told me Emerson's feet were a 21, they were HUGE but I have those as a guide now which is why these 20's fit him perfectly. 
We first got a pair of boots for Avery in what we thought were a size too big (a 29), but indeed they JUST fit her, so we had to get these in the 30. Every time we get shoes from Umi the sizing is wrong and we need to get another pair. But maybe it's just me. 

Overall though Umi's quality is 100% worth it. The shoes are made so nicely and will last a long time wearability wise. Avery's shoes are leather and man made uppers with leather linings. I love the huge hook and loop strap, makes them easy for her to adjust, but will also stay put during the day. I also love the Durable outsoles. They wrap around the shoe which is great so the shoe doesn't get ruined easily. 

Emerson's shoes are also leather uppers and linings. This makes the shoes super comfortable. They also have the hook and loop closure and contoured outsoles for extra stability. These shoes are from their Toddler Boys section. 

In an effort to expand our Umi collection, I just ordered the deal of the month for Emerson for next summer as well.

Price: These are both $60! Love them and the quality will definitely make them great hand me downs, if not, Umi has a great resale value and you'll see at least half your money back if they're in great shape (and probably more).

Overall: ***** Never been disappointed. 
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from  Umi in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Umi for allowing me to review this product


Linda said...

I love their cute little shoes. Umi's are so well-made that it's worth paying a higher price for them.