Mommy's Favorite Things: Glovey Huggey Review

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glovey Huggey Review

I received a sample from Glovey Huggey for the sole purpose of this review

My daughter started sucking her 2 middle fingers at just 3 months old. It was truly the cutest thing back then. She would suck them when she was tired, instead of crying, it was an easy way for me to realize her cues and get her down for nap or bed on time. 

But at 6, it's certainly not as cute.

NOTHING will get this child to stop. We've tried gloves, she pulls them off. We have tried spices, she just wipes it off on her bed. Nothing was working. Until I discovered Glovey Huggey. 

You see, Avery is ruining her fingers. She has callouses on her fingers (she bites down when she's sleeping) and her nails are also ruined. So this habit really needed to be kicked in the bud now.

Emerson claimed the stuffy :)

I guess 2 middle fingers is very popular for finger sucking. Glovey Huggey only makes one for thumbs and 2 fingers (index/middle or middle/ring). 

We got the Rainbow Love Fingers gloves in the size Large (4+ years). They fit her perfectly. They have an adjustable wrist band to make it tighter/looser. Avery is on the middle setting so they should fit her for a while now. 

We used this glove for almost 2 weeks and then took our trip to Disney. I brought it with me, but we haven't used it. She's still sucking her fingers, so we'll be back to using it again. 
The 2nd night she pulled her fingers out of the glove and was sucking her fingers, but we have a camera in her room and I was able to see that she did it, so I went in her room and corrected her.

The glove is made out of a Spandex material, so it's really comfortable and doesn't hinder the hand in any way. 
Each package comes with 2 gloves and a stuffed animal. 

Price: $39.95. This is a bit much, but really it's worth it instead of damage to your child. We've been lucky that Avery has no teeth issues and no serious issues with her fingers yet. 

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Glovey Huggey in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to  Glovey Huggey for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway


ALee said...

The Rainbow Love finger are really cute.

Julie G. said...

We would need the thumb gloves. Our son is still sucking at 3. Trying our best to break it. He would love camo but I don't see the thumb ones in the camo so we would probably choose the blue ones

Unknown said...

I would get the Rainbow Love for the thumb.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

MamaStace said...

I'd choose the thumb glove in Rainbow Love print


slb3334 said...

I like the fireball.

Anonymous said...

My little boy sucks his fingers and creates calluses and we have tried everything, the camo ones he would love and it would help stop the sucking! I love these!

mecarolks said...

I like Red Polka finger sucking gloves

Unknown said...

I would choose the camo gloves!

Diana said...

I like the door stoppers

Unknown said...

I like the rainbow love glove!

Anonymous said...

The camo finger gloves.

Unknown said...

Hi...and what about if the child try to remove this easy??I bought something similar and my son very quickly take of