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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crazy 8 Review

I received a gift card from Crazy 8 for the sole purpose of this review
You all know how much I love Gymboree by now. Well did you know that Gymboree also owns Crazy 8? They are a bit more affordable, but still have some totally adorable clothes.

We had the chance to get a lovely gift card from there and Emerson needed some more fall/winter clothes so I got the following for him.

Fleece Zip Cardigan in the Blue, Stitched Tee in Misty Blue, Stripe Pocket Henley Tee, Straight Jean and also got miniature baby boy the Lil Digger Footed One Piece
I was also able to get Avery a shirt for next summer too.
 Emerson's lovely fall clothes
 I just love the Fleece Cardigan, it is the perfect thickness for our cool fall days here. And it's nice and soft and warm inside making it the perfect lightweight jacket.
 He's silly
 I like this henley top too, it's cute and I love the contrasting colors.

I was sure he'd be in 24m by this winter, but everything I bought him in that size is just too big, so we needed some 12-18m items so this was perfect. 
He has a FEW items in those sizes from last fall still, but we needed a few more things to fill the gaps. 

The jeans are a bit big on him even with cloth diapers, but they're not so big that they'll fall off, and they're a pretty perfect length too if I expect them to last through March/April (which I intend them to!). 

The stitched tee runs a bit bigger then the henley, but it's all good, just means it will fit him longer and into Spring. 

Crazy 8's clothes are stylish, but yet affordable. They also come out with entire lines like Gymboree does, but not as much. Then have more of the basics like jeans and tops. 
When I went in there, the entire store was $12.99 and under. Plus they had an extra 30% off clearance items and I used a 20% coupon :)
I had a $50 gift card, but my total was $65 I think, so I did pay a bit for these items, but it was worth it :)

Price: The jeans were $10.99, Little man's sleeper was $12.99 as was the sweater and the henley tee. I think Avery's top was $7 or so. Very good prices.

Overall: ***** LOVE Crazy 8 and their CRAZY deals!
*Disclaimer* I received  a gift card directly from Crazy 8 in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Crazy 8 for allowing me to review their company


Pam said...

I love Gymbree, but had never heard of Crazy 8. Thanks for the introduction. Looks like Crazy 8 has equally adorable clutching.