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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Slumberjack Review

I received a sample from Slumberjack for the sole purpose of this review
We have been meaning to get a tent and go camping for a while now. Summers go by so fast though and we just haven't had a chance. So when I contacted Slumberjack and they agreed to send us a tent and sleeping bag I was THRILLED!!

I couldn't wait to get it and get it set up. 
We received the Grand Lodge 8 as well as the Bonnie & Clyde Sleeping Bag. 

We'll start with the Tent, it is an 8 person tent. We debated on getting their Trail 6, but we are soon to be a family of 5 and with sleep bags, blankets, food and luggage I just thought an 8 would be best. The PR rep did warn me that it would be a LOT harder to set up. But overall it wasn't a bad process at all. It's a 3 season tent with 156 sq ft of space. So it's a pretty large tent. 
Here it all is in it's glory. 
The big part is obviously the tent. The white is a room divider that goes inside, the green is the fly and rain guard that goes on top of the tent and the brown bag is all the poles. 
The poles are SUPER easy to assemble, they have the bungee in the middle, so the pole is completely assembled already, you just need to pop it all together. 
It is all color coded on the tent as well. There is a grey pole in the middle, 2 black poles and 2 yellow poles. 

That was as far as I got on my own. Putting the poles into the end connectors was HARD work and I needed Jon's strength for it. I'm sure over time it will stretch a bit and get easier. 
I had to get inside the tent and pick it up while he popped them into place. Not hard at all, just a 2 person job for sure. 
Once he got home we had it assembled in no time at all. 
Then we put the poles in the ground and put the rain tarp over the top. 
All in all it took about 45 minutes to set up I'd say. But that included reading the directions over again... They are easy to understand, but a couple parts made me go "huh?" until I actually was at that step, then it made sense. So read as you go.

This is a big window and the door. 
The other side is exactly the same as this.
 And then there's 2 big windows on the other sides as well.
 This is the 3 windows on each side. The other side is identical. 
And the doors also unzip and have a mesh bug guard in them as well. 
So there's plenty of airflow.
This is only about 3/4 of the tent floor. It's definitely large.
 The room divider is awesome. It hooks to the sides and top and then unzips and ties back if you want it too. 
When we're actually camping this will be wonderful to keep us separate from the kids while we're all sleeping.
2 sides of the tent have this wonderful storage bag. This will be great for storing kids toys, food or even clothes for the next day. 
The sleeping bag is awesome. 
It comes with 2 pillows. It's a 30/40 sleeping bag. So one side goes to 30 degrees and the other to 40 degrees. 
It's a single sleeping bag.
 Or it can be zipped apart and be a double sleeping bag.
I love that feature of the sleeping bag. How awesome that it can be 1 or 2? We'll probably leave it separate since we move around a lot at night and steal covers. 
We're going to get us a blowup mattress for camping though. Neither one of our backs can handle the ground. 

Overall the tent is huge, but still easy to set up. It is a 2 person job, but I won't be camping alone at all, so for us, this isn't an issue. 
The sleeping bag is also awesome. 

The tent also only weighs about 36 pounds, so that's awesome!!

Taking the tent down was also super easy. I was able to get it completely down and packed away in about 25 minutes. 
The tent was set up for almost 2 weeks in our backyard. Mosquitoes are terrible and then it was cold and then it was hot. Anyway, it rained 3 times while it was set up in the yard and not a drop of water got in the tent, so that was great.
AND it all fit back in it's bag :) Of course it's much tighter then when it arrived to me, but it fit!! That's always a bonus. 

Slumberjack offers many tents and sleeping bags and also chairs for camping and a few other accessories. 

Price: The tent is $419.95 but I think this is very comparable to other brands. The sleeping bag is $169.95, but for 2 sleeping bags, that price is also comparable.

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Slumberjack in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Slumberjack for allowing me to review this product


Sandra VanHoey said...

That is a nice tent and I love all the windows to see out. My son would love that one

Remus said...

that is a nice tent! I love how spacious it is, and I love all the windows

Unknown said...

looks awesome!