Mommy's Favorite Things: Joovy Review!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Joovy Review!

I was sent an item directly from Joovy for the sole purpose of this review
I have worked with Joovy many times now and have never been disappointed. All of their items are high quality and long lasting. I still regularly use the single stroller I got from them (the Kooper) and I use the nook high chair 3 times a day, every day. Both items have withheld the everyday usage they get. I've had the stroller now for about 3 years!

This time around we received the ScooterX2 double stroller in the orangie color. Although we don't QUITE need a double stroller now, we will certainly need it when baby arrives. And it will come in handy for our Disney trip next month too!
It all comes in one box, pretty much assembled. You just have to pop on the 4 wheels and the rear brake and you're good to go.

The ScooterX2, although is a double wide stroller, it comes in at just 30" wide, so it fits through standard doors without issues. 
 It has a very large basket which I love.
 Each seat holds up to 45 pounds and should be used for children 3 months and up.
 The leg portion can be left up for infants and can be left down for toddlers.
It's super easy to adjust with a lever on the bottom of the rest. 
 5pt harness makes sure that your child is safe and secure. 
 The harness can be left inside the slots for younger infants. Or you can pull it out of one or both to adjust for your child's needs.
Each seat has 2 mesh pockets on it. Nice for storing kids cups, toys, pacifiers or anything else they need nearby.
 It has a large umbrella shade on it. It also has a large window on top that allows you to see both children easily. 
 If that wasn't enough, it has the front portion that comes down as well. So it blocks sun from baby's face and also keeps rain off them as well. 
 Each seat on the back has a cup holder and also a zippered compartment. I use the zippered for my keys usually.
 Very large storage basket. This is why we're taking it to Disney :)
 It has a bar brake. You just step on it to lock the wheels and brake them. Or you pick it up with your foot in order to unlock it.
 The left is with the seat all the way down, and the right is the seat mostly up. So if a child falls asleep, it is super easy to lower the seat and make them more comfortable.
In order to fold up the stroller (1 hand is needed!!) you push in the buttons that are on the inside...
 and then rotate the handle down...
And then you just push the stroller together and it folds right up, FLAT!!
You can see here where it separates from the sides and folds in half.
 There's also a bar to put in front.
 and it can swivel easily to get kids in and out. 
There's buttons on each side that allows you to easily pop the bar out.
 Emerson was 19m in these pictures. Yes he's just wearing a diaper, it has been in the 90s here. 
Here he is without the bar on.
 with the bar on.
 and just because it's cute... He does the exact same thing in our Kooper too. Both hands in the pockets. Silly boy!

Overall I really like this stroller. Although it is a bit on the heavier side (28 pounds), it's still easy enough to maneuver around and to pick up once it's folded. 
It stands up in the back of my van too with no issues. It still fits back there so I know that when I regularly need it, it won't be an issue to leave it sitting in the van. 

And even though it's double wide, it fits well in stores and through doors without issues. Although getting in between the clothing racks can be a bit of work (heck, they're hard enough with a single stroller), there's no issue with using it elsewhere. 

The ScooterX2 maneuvers very smoothly and easily and has a great turn radius. It's really no different then a single stroller.

Stroller comes in Orange, Green and Black

Price: The ScooterX2 is $229.99 and I think it's worth every penny. 

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from  Joovy in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Joovy for allowing me to review this product