Mommy's Favorite Things: Gender Announcement!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gender Announcement!

It was a crazy crazy day!! We left the house at 9:45 and didn't get home until 6:15. I'm so thankful I put dinner in the crockpot before we left today.

We have Avery back after she was gone for a week with my grandma.

BUT we also got to find out the gender today!!
My intuition said girl... WAS it right???

No, No, No!! It was DEAD wrong!!
With my daughter I was convinced she was a boy, but she was indeed a girl. And with my son I just KNEW it was a boy. But with this one I was 95% sure it was a girl!! WRONG!!

The potty shot!

Not as clear as my son's was, but I saw the penis about 4-5 times, so I'm PRETTY sure it's really a boy!!

Was your intuition right most of the time? So far mine sucks I'm at 33.3% so I think IF (BIG IF) I were to have another one I wouldn't even guess at all and turn off my mommy radar. 

I bought 3 things for a little girl, so I'm thankful I wasn't too invested in it. 

NOW to pick a name! I had 0 in my database, just 3 for girls!


Devon F said...

awe congrats! :)

Dandydo said...

My intuition was 100% correct. When I found out I was pregnant, I woke my husband up to tell him. The first thing I told him was: we're pregnant (obviously), the second thing I told him was: it's a boy! My husband laughed and said "you don't know that". I was only a month along, but somehow I knew. My son is now 12. :)

Michelle and Lakeon said...

I was right with #2 and #4


Unknown said...

My mom's intuition was 0 for 3. Although I didn't have much of a clue about baby number one (only casually thinking it was a boy and it was a girl), with my other two I was completely sure...and wrong both times. I was so sure my third was a girl (and since I already had two girls) I went out and got a bunch of new outfits so I would have some "new" outfits for the third. Yeah. At least I had something for the next few baby showers and my friends were kind enough to have mostly girls! :) I was glad my boy was not shy for the ultrasound because I think I would have been buying girl clothes up till delivery I was so completely convinced!

Lisa Garner said...

Congratulations!! I guessed right on my first 3 children but was wrong on my 4th.

kelly said...

I'm due in 6 weeks with the girl I knew it was going to be.