Mommy's Favorite Things: Back to School Mini Giveaway Spotlight- J World Sport

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Mini Giveaway Spotlight- J World Sport

I received a sample from J World Sport for the sole purpose of this review

With back to school coming (or past for a lot of you), the one thing every child needs is a backpack. It needs to be big enough to hold everything needed, but still small enough to carry around (especially for little children), but also needs to be comfortable and easy to use. 

We received the Lollipop rolling backpack in the Squares Neon Print.

The backpack is plenty large for Avery, but still small enough to fit her frame well and not be too big and bulky.

I love teh zipper detailing, the flowers are so cute!
 Comes with a matching lunchbox which is adorable!
It has the rollers on the bottom which are of high quality. It also has 'feet' for standing purposes and it has plastic on the bottom as well so the fabric of the backpack doesn't get ruined from being drug through the rain/snow and torn up by concrete.
 Avery is 6 and going into first grade. The PR rep let me know that this backpack is meant for Kindergartners and is very small, but I still wanted this bag. And as you can see it fits her well, but still has room for her to grow a bit too.
 It's a great size for her.
She loves that she can wear it, or roll it and has the option to do either whenever she wants. 

I love the print on the backpack and the fact that it came with a matching lunchbox is great. 
Although having 3 pockets on a backpack is a bit much for an early elementary student, it will be plenty big enough for this year and I won't have to worry about things not fitting. 

They carry many other kids bags as well as bags for adults. They have messenger bags, duffel bags and much more. 

Price: The backpack I received is right around $50. 

Overall: *****

For the Back to School Mini Giveaway, J World Sport is offering one reader the chance to win the Sunrise backpack in a print from a provided list. 

Giveaway goes live tonight at midnight!!!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from J World Sport in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to J World Sport for allowing me to review this product