Mommy's Favorite Things: For the Home Giveaway Hop GRAND PRIZE Sponsor Spotlight- Wood Snap

Sunday, July 7, 2013

For the Home Giveaway Hop GRAND PRIZE Sponsor Spotlight- Wood Snap

Some of you may remember my Wood Snap review from a couple months ago. Since Jon and I got married in January we wanted a nice custom photo of one of our pictures and Wood Snap was definitely the place to go for that. 

Here is our image we got.
I promise it's straight and it is clearer in person too.

We love that photo to pieces. It's on a very prominent wall in our home and everyone who comes over just loves it. It's so unique with the wood grain and we love that we have a different piece in our home. 

It's super easy to hang too. It comes with the pre cut outs on it. So you put your nail in the wall and then slide the picture onto it.

And it's thick too so it sticks out from the wall a bit

It's just a lovely piece in our home and we'll cherish it forever. PLUS it will last forever. Pictures get faded and burnt from the sun, although they're cheap enough to replace this is something that will last forever in our home. 

Wood Snap has lots of different sizes to choose from. From am 8x8 to a 30x40

Price: an 8x8 is $31.95 and the 30x40 is $299.95, but in all honesty it's totally worth it. By the time you got a professional 30x40 printed out and bought a frame you'd probably be close to that anyway.

AND you can get 25% off with the code JTBGC25

For the Home, Wood Snap is offering our Grand Prize which is 4, 12x12 custom photos! It will make a great collage on the winner's wall. 

Giveaway goes live tonight at MIDNIGHT!!!