Mommy's Favorite Things: Cloth Diaper Stash for Under $100!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cloth Diaper Stash for Under $100!!

You may not think it can be done, but indeed it can!! 
A whole cloth diaper stash consisting of prefolds and cover for under $100. Wanna know how?

If I use Diaper Safari and all their prices here's how to do it!

For 1 days worth of diapers/covers. This means you need to wash your diapers daily. 
12 Newborn Prefolds comes to $21
10 Infant Prefolds comes to $22.50
8 Premium Prefolds comes to $20
4 One Size Covers comes to $35.80

Which brings your grand total to $99.30

That is a full cloth diaper stash from Birth to potty training. Some people don't ever use premium prefolds they do newborn and then infant (My son is 17 months old and is still in infant, premium is just way too large), so that would allow you to buy more and go 2 days between washings. But it's totally possible to do an entire stash for under $100. Cloth diapering does not need to be expensive. 

Most people spend about that amount in 1-2 months of disposable diapering, so why not switch? If it's a lot right out, then buy a few with each paycheck and use them to cut down the cost of disposables too!
Diaper Safari offers free shipping on their covers. 

Now you will probably need a wet bag of some sort to contain the dirty diapers until wash day, but a large wet bag that holds 16-17 diapers is about $19 and will last the entire time as well. It's worth the investment. 

The way I use prefolds I don't even need to use diaper fasteners, I just fold it up and put the cover on over it, it stays in place just fine. But if you choose to you can buy pins for just $1.50 a pair. And the new fancy Snappi's are $3.95 each. So it's very inexpensive!