Mommy's Favorite Things: Vacation!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Our first vacation as a family of 4. (Besides my grandma's house)
We're going to Great Wolf Lodge.

We're leaving tomorrow and then will be back Sunday. It's the perfect way to end Spring Break and I think Avery will have tons of fun!
They have a lazy river

Kiddie area

Activity area for kids

 Slides that don't go into a pool which means I can ride them since I can't swim!

It is a little odd for me to go to a place like this since I CAN'T swim! But it seems there's enough to do here that I won't have too. More than likely Jon and Avery will do the slides and stuff while I hang in the kiddie area with Emerson and then Jon will take Emerson while I go do some slides and stuff! I think it will be a blast and I can't wait to go and just get away for a couple days. 

I will take PLENTY of pictures and will be sharing them here some time after we get back. 
Everyone have a great weekend!