Mommy's Favorite Things: Totally Toddler Sponsor Spotlight- Bummis

Monday, April 29, 2013

Totally Toddler Sponsor Spotlight- Bummis

I received items from Bummis for the purpose of this review.

I have worked with Bummis before and have used other products of their's and I have had no issues with them at all. So when they contacted me again to try out the new Sun Line I was super excited to give it a try!!

They sent me the clownfish swimmi, an orange UV tee and the clownfish suncap as well!

 Swimmi has mesh inside.
 We got the swimmi in a medium (15-22lbs) and it fits Emerson pretty perfectly at about 20 pounds. I was considering the large, but she said definitely don't size up. And I'm sure this would easily fit until 25+ pounds. He's really skinny though. 

 Perfect advertisement right? 

We haven't used the suncap yet, but when we went to Great Wold Lodge we took the swimmi and shirt along with us and they did a great job. Thankfully we didn't have to use the swimmi to it's full purpose, but it was there just in case! 
I can't wait to use the full set outside this summer, the UV tee is a UPF of 50. So it will keep the sun at bay.

The shirt is a super soft material. It's one of the softest UPF articles I've ever felt. It just has a great material to it, it fits true to size also, maybe a bit smaller. 
The swim diaper is a cotton outer and then a mesh inner. The point of a swim diaper is to contain #2's in a pool/water etc. So it's not absorbent, it's just there to contain a mess. Definitely get the swimmi in the size that your baby's weight is on their recommendations. Emerson has the velcro tabs touching in the middle so he has plenty of room to go in it. 

The suncap is just super adorable. I love that it keeps the sun off baby's neck, as well as the head and face. So it's really great for that purpose. This would be a great everyday hat too like going to the park or zoo, that is if my kid would keep it on. 

Love the new sun line!! They also have tankini's for the little girls, and each UV tee/tankini comes in blue and orange, which match all of their swimmi's perfectly. They also have the caps that match each swimmi. 

Price: The swimmi's are right around $14, Tankini is $12.97, Tee is $21.95 and the cap is $17.95.

Overall: ***** love the new line.

For the Totally Toddler Giveaway Hop, Bummis is offering one reader the chance to win a Swimmi, Sun Cap and a Tee OR Tankini in choice of size and color/print! 

Giveaway begins May 13th!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Bummis in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Bummis for allowing me to review this product