Mommy's Favorite Things: Gearing Up for Baby Sponsor Spotlight- Moraki Cloth

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gearing Up for Baby Sponsor Spotlight- Moraki Cloth

Another wonderful cloth diaper company for our second sponsor spotlight. This time it's from the wonderful Moraki. They carry AIO diapers and also AI2/Pocket diapers. And then they sell inserts separate. 

I received their Hippie diaper (tie dye) and 3 different sized inserts to try out!

The AI2 cover along with 3 inserts

The insert is a sleeve design so it dries really quick.
 Whole diaper. I just lost this pattern.
Inside there is a flap in the front that holds the inserts in place if you use it as an AI2 diaper.
 But there is also a pocket near the middle of the diaper for stuffing it and use it as a pocket if you wish. 
I usually don't like this placement of pocket because... well it gets dirty, BUT since it's such a wide opening, the insert washes right out in the wash. So there's no need to unstuff before washing the diaper!
Diaper with the medium insert
 with the OS insert
 with the OS AND small insert. 
 On the medium setting in rise and snaps not quite touching.

This diaper is SUPER trim. 
I love that she sent me all 3 inserts and I use them all. I use the large insert on it's own in the morning when E wets the most. I use the medium insert in the afternoon/evening and then for naps or when he'll be wearing it for a long time, I use the large and small together for a little extra. 

Her inserts are Hemp and Cotton so they are really absorbent, but they dry fast and are REALLY trim, which is just awesome. 
All inserts are the same thickness/absorbency too, they are just different lengths. The OS insert is fold to fit and will fit in even the smallest snap setting. 

This diaper is made very well and is made in California, so it's US made which is hard to come by. I just love the fit of this diaper and know it will fit for a long time still. It fits from 7-40 pounds. 

They have so many wonderful prints as well as solids to choose from. 

Price: $27 for the diaper and $7 for each insert. 

Overall: *****

For the Gearing Up For Baby hop, Moraki is offering one reader the chance to win an AI2 and 1 insert of choice!! Total of $34
Giveaway goes live the 15th!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Moraki Cloth in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Moraki Cloth for allowing me to review this product