Mommy's Favorite Things: Get Green For Spring Sponsor Spotlight- Imagine Baby

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get Green For Spring Sponsor Spotlight- Imagine Baby

My first spotlight for the Get Green For Spring hop that is starting on March 11th! I'm super excited to be hosting this giveaway hop with my good friend Michelle over at Mama's Baby Cupcakes. I can't wait until this giveaway is under way and on the road!

For the Giveaway I will be doing a baby/kid prize pack that consists of Green/Natural items and then there will also be a Grand Prize giveaway!

For our first spotlight we have Imagine Baby. They have some wonderful cloth diaper items and I was super excited to try some of my own! I received the AI2 (All In 2) Diaper Shell (cover) and a 3 pack of the Inserts. 

 Inside, it has a flap on the back and the front to keep from leaking.
 The inserts are microfiber on the back (the middle one) and a nice fleece on the top (the insert on the top and bottom are showing this side)
 The inserts snap in and they fit very nice in the cover.
 The snaps
 Fits Emerson nicely. He's 14 months and about 20 lbs.
 Perfect fit on the Medium Rise setting.
I love the double gusset on this cover. It holds everything in very well. 

The inserts come in 2 sizes, Size 1 which is birth-15 pounds (the smallest and medium setting on this cover) and the size 2 which is 16-35 pounds (the medium and large rise setting). 

We got the size 2. The insert is a bit scrunched in there since we're using the medium setting on the cover, but I didn't want him to outgrow the size 1 insert by absorbency of length. So I like the full coverage this size 2 insert offers. 
The inserts are 4 layers of microfiber and the wetness pulling fleece on top, so they are super absorbent, but still leave baby's bum feeling dry. The inserts dry super fast in the dryer too, which is a bonus. 

A lot of my diapers are stained or get stained, but I've had a lot of luck with these inserts so far. 

I also like that you can use this cover with other options like flats/prefolds and they stay tucked in the flaps and don't move around which is awesome! On the other hand I can use these inserts inside other covers (like my Best Bottom, they even snap in well) and even in pockets if I wanted too. 

This system is very versatile and that's what I love!

Imagine Baby also has Pocket Diapers, AIO Diapers, Fitted Diapers, Prefolds and Newborn Diapers! They also sell accessories like wet bags, pail liners, diaper sprayers and more!

Price: 3 inserts is $9.95 on sale from  $13.95 so I'd definitely get them now!! The cover is $11.95 down from $14.95 so again stock up! So 3 diaper changes is $21.90 which comes down to $7.30 per change or really per diaper. This is a FANTASTIC DEAL! I find that their AI2 system is cheaper than others. 

Overall: ***** love this system! I've had no issues with washing or drying either! 
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Imagine Baby in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Imagine Baby for allowing me to review this product

Get Green For Spring
For the Get Green For Spring Hop, Imagine Baby is offering one reader the chance to win an AI2 and Inserts! Value of $21.90 (at the sale prices)

Look for the Giveaway starting on March 11th!