Mommy's Favorite Things: Beauty Box 5 Review

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review

The subscription boxes have become some of my favorite items to review. Not only does it give me the chance to try out a bunch of new companies, but I also get introduced to all these great subscription companies as well. There are so many of them, that you can just about find a box for EVERYTHING these days. But that's great!! Up until now I haven't reviewed a beauty box. That is before Beauty Box 5 came along!

I got January's Box for review. 
All the goodies came in a little bag and then it came with a card explaining each item.
I got 2 Samples of The Blum Naturals Pro Age Makeup Removing Towelettes. An Everyday Minerals Blush, a Lash Card pack, H. Wood. Beauty Lip Shine. and Lastly I got an Evie Evan Moisture Creme.

The Lash Card is really cool. They are guards you put on your eyelid to prevent you from getting mascara on your eyelid or above. I think this is a pretty cool invention. You can also use them below the eye for eye shadow that drops. You all know what I'm talking about!!! 

The Blum Naturals Wipes work really well at removing makeup and making your skin feel really soft. They have different formulas too for different things. 

I don't use Blush so the everyday minerals is out. But The Moisture Creme has been AMAZING! I need moisturizer on my face daily and this one has been my go to for a while there. I need to buy more. Lastly was the Lip Shine. This stuff is shiny and works really well as a gloss. Since I kiss my kids up all day long I don't really use it that much. I used to use gloss all the time though and this would have been great then. But I'll wear it on certain occasions. 

Beauty Box 5 sends out a new beauty box monthly right to your doorstep. Each month it has new samples in it and each month they're amazing. 

Price: $12 per month or $100 for a year. 

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Beauty Box 5 in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Beauty Box 5 for allowing me to review this product