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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Things Children Say!

I really think that what I'm about to post is the parents fault... I'm still very young, I'm 22. But even I was raised better then this and the times have certainly changed even in just those very short years.
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At our bus stop there is a dad who lets all the Kindergartners,  First Graders and then all the girls on the bus first because the boys all push and shove their way on. This has been going on for a few months now.

Today a boy around the age of 9 or so said "Boys are superior to girls so we should get on the bus first."

I was completely blown away. My jaw literally did drop and so did another mother's. The boys have to wait like 3 minutes for all the girls to go first. I don't think ANY person in the world should believe that 1 gender is superior to another, let alone an elementary student.

I could not believe what I hear out of his mouth.
Another mother on Facebook brought up to me that maybe he doesn't have any sisters, and she said that her (5) boys think this way as well.

So is it the parent's fault? Or just that maybe he doesn't have any sisters and he just doesn't know any different?

I still think that parent's should teach equality whether you're a 1 gender family or not. It took both genders to get kids here...

So what do you think?


Suburban prep said...

I do not know where that comes form if it is society or family. I have a relative ( I will not say how he is a relative) that totally believes this. Not only is this relative a man but in his family he is also the oldest. So a double whammy. My father is the oldest and a male(obviously) but from all that I have gathered over the many years that I have known him I do not feel that he feel like this.
I have a sister who has three young boys and then a daughter. The boys are rambunctious and busy but I do not believe them to have feelings like this.
WOW is all I can say.

Colleen said...

While I do think that some fathers set that example for their kids... I also have a 9yr old (girl) and she comes up with stuff that I really have NO idea where it comes from sometimes. I think it's completely possible that it's something he heard who-knows-where and he was testing it out

Aleah said...

When I taught high schoolers, I was constantly amazed as some of the stuff like this that they would say (political, racist, sexist, etc.). Because they were older, I would ask them follow-up questions and usually I found out that they heard one of their parents say this. Sometimes it was something they heard from a friend. Very rarely did they actually BELIEVE what they were saying! By pressing the issue, it gave me a chance to educate them. Usually, they were trying to be shocking or just have something to contribute to the conversation (without realizing that their comment was offensive). By following up on what they said (not in a mean way, but even just by saying, "What do you mean by that?" "Why do you think that?"), you have the opportunity to present another point of view. Even if they aren't convinced, anyone else who hears the conversation will learn!

Being Tazim said...

I think a lot of it has to do with parents, like seeing how a father treats his wife for instance. But, Aleah has a good point and maybe the kids don't really believe what they're saying?!