Mommy's Favorite Things: 25 Easter Crafts to do with your Children

Thursday, March 28, 2013

25 Easter Crafts to do with your Children

Here's a list of Easter Crafts to do with your Children!!
Easter is quickly approaching and what better way to get in the spirit then to make some crafts with your kids.

  1. Bead Bunnies Picture and Easy Instructions
  2. Easter Topiary Tree Picture and Instructions
  3. Natural Egg Dyes Picture and Instructions
  4. Carrot Tree Picture and Easy Instructions
  5. Shoelace Bunnies Picture and Easy Instructions
  6. Jelly Bean Chick Pictures and Instructions
  7. Scrunched Tissue Paper Egg Picture and Easy Instructions
  8. Flower Pot Bunny Picture and Instructions
  9. Milk Jug Chick Picture and Instructions
  10. Spring Animals Pictures and Easy Instructions
  11. Tissue Paper Dyed Easter Eggs Picture and Instructions
  12. Construction Paper Bird's Nest Pictures and Easy Instructions
  13. Easter Bunny Photo Craft Picture and Easy Instructions
  14. Easter Egg Shell Art Picture and Easy Instructions
  15. Tissue Paper Collage Easter Eggs Picture and Easy Instructions
  16. Tissue Paper Tulips Picture and Instructions
  17. Easter Egg Fireflies Picture and Easy Instructions
  18. Edible Easter Baskets Picture and Instructions
  19. Chicklet Wall Hanging Picture and Instructions
  20. Magical Easter Bunny Food Picture and Easy Instructions
  21. Transparent Egg Decorations Picture and Easy Instructions
  22. Shaving Cream Painted Easter Egg Cards Pictures and Easy Instructions
  23. Easter Egg Bunny Picture and Easy Instructions
  24. Easter Egg Wreath Picture and Easy Instructions
  25. Rubberband Easter Egg Dying Picture and Easy Instructions (a little time consuming though)


Newlywed Survival said...

Awesome list! Thank you for compiling it. I am going to send it to my sister so she can pick some ideas for my niece.

East9thStreet said...

What a great round-up! There are several on the list I'd like to try with my daughter.

SavingsInSeconds said...

Great ideas! Thanks so much, this will be great for spring break.

Mimi N said...

So hard to believe we're already gearing up towards Easter! This is such a great list and easily a few things that would be fun to do with my boys!

Michele D said...

Wow! Those Easter decorations are beautiful. Your so talented!

Unknown said...

Great list! I LOVE that little topiary!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Great list! I'm going to check a few out .

Unknown said...

I really like the way the died eggs look! I can't believe it's almost Easter already.

Unknown said...

Awesome! What a great, creative list!

Unknown said...

I really like the tree!!! I have no idea if I can make it, but I'm definitely going to try for Easter with my kiddos..we do tons of crafts because of the autism

Lindsey said...

Great list, Heather! I'll be trying a few of these with my girls!

Brandy M. said...

Easter will be here before I know it and I have not even started thinking about it. Yikes! Thank you for the round-up.

Shary said...

Thinking about Easter already? I need to stay ahead on these things. I'm sure I'll have my hands full this spring. Thanks for putting this list together!

Being Tazim said...

I'm so ready to start on some fun spring and easter crafts!

Isra said...

Ooh those paper tulips would be such a fun Spring craft for kids! Great round-up!

mryjhnsn said...

This is a great list! Perfect for the toddler and my older boy!

Darcy said...

I am so looking forward to dying eggs with Riss this year! Great list!

ReInventing Lolli said...

These are great ideas! I would love if you would link up

Great post !!