Mommy's Favorite Things: Cloud B Review

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cloud B Review

I have been eyeing the Cloud B items for a while now. They are awesome for children and are great for promoting sleep.
The most popular item they have is the Tranquil Turtle. This is also what we received for Emerson. 

The first button is the on/off button. The second one is for the sounds and the last is to stop the ripple of the water. It makes it still. 
The bottom is the volume for the sound.
 It has an on/off switch and also a brightness dimmer! You can make it really bright, or really dim depending on your preference.

This turtle is pretty cool. The shell lights up and puts a nice underwater effect on the ceiling. It creates a nice calming effect and it plays soothing sounds as well like tranquil melody and ocean waves.
The shell glows in a nice aquamarine color. And a full underwater effect comes across the ceiling.

After 23 minutes, it automatically shuts off which is really nice. I know I can turn it on when I put Emerson to bed and it will shut off shortly after he's asleep.

Both kids can easily use this tranquil turtle and I like that. I know that Emerson won't outgrow it soon which is a bonus and makes it worth the price.

They have many other items too like the Twilight Turtle that projects a constellation. A Soothing Puppet and even a Lullabag for babies (like a sleep sack)

Price: The price for this Tranquil Turtle is $54.95!

Overall: ***** worth it!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Cloud B in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Cloud B for allowing me to review this product 


loven mommy said...

we have the twilight turtle and the kids love it. my son yells tars tars if i forget to turn it on as i leave the room.

Rebecca said...

how cool that would make my cat go nuts

hippie_mom said...

I love Cloud b. We have the twilight turtle too! What I love is that it has transitioned well over the years and our boys still love it now that they aren't babies :)

Just Short said...

That looks like a great item to have in an infant/toddler room. I bet Emerson loves it.

Unknown said...

IU have been looking st these for years! I have Autistic twins and bed time is always a nightmare! I think something like this would be the way to go for us!

TerinAleah said...

My babies would love it!