Mommy's Favorite Things: Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Avery is always bored in the bath. She doesn't like to take showers, so we still take baths.
She plays with some bath toys but most of those are for up to like age 3... so she's bored in there and it's usually quick in, quick out.

So today I made Shaving Cream Bath Paint!

Shaving Cream
Food Coloring
Paint Brushes

Put your shaving cream into your containers. My cream was pink to begin with
 I added purple and green food coloring to 2 of the containers
 More painting!
 They're pretty!
Avery is in the tub right now with these actually. She's been in there for 20 minutes and is still playing happily and quietly. So this is a WIN and I'll continue to do it. But instead of wasting my expensive cream I'll buy the cheap $.88 cans for this purpose. It's 100% worth it!!

Have you ever made Shaving Cream Bath Paint?


Melanie said...

I've heard regular kids' water color sets are great for this, too!