Mommy's Favorite Things: Halloween

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Avery was supposed to be a Mermaid, but it was really long on her. I did pin it up, but it was hard for her to put it on herself. So for the school parade she was a witch (2 years ago costume). It was very cold last night and the Mermaid wouldn't layer over her jacket, and the witch was too small to go over her jacket too, so she was a ladybug (last year's costume). I really hope she can wear the mermaid next year.

Best I have of her in the witch costume. My camera seriously sucks
 Ready to go Trick-or-Treating in 42 degree, rainy weather!! 
 Daddy and his little monster!
It was cold and rainy. We made hot chocolate, I bundled up the kids and myself and we went out. Emerson in the stroller with a blanket and the stroller hood all the way down. We hit about 15 houses or so. Avery's happy with the candy she got, so that's all that matters. 
I hope it's a bit warmer or at least not raining next year so Emerson can TorT too!!!