Mommy's Favorite Things: 25 DIY Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 11, 2012

25 DIY Halloween Costumes

Thanks for checking out my list of DIY Halloween Costumes for kids!

Growing up I had a few handmade costumes. I remember one year my mom made an Angel costume for me and she put a lot of time and thought into that costume. Sometimes handmade are the best :)

Here is a list of 25 DIY Halloween Costumes for you to check out and maybe make your child!!
Check out Slap Dash Mom for even more Halloween Costume ideas

  1. Toddler Sheep (photo)
  2. Train (photo)
  3. Zookeeper (simple tutorial + photos)
  4. Rainbow and other costumes (photo)
  5. Baby Octopus (simple tutorial + photo)
  6. Monarch Butterfly (tutorial + photo)
  7. Magician (simple tutorial + photo)
  8. Gnome (tutorial + photo)
  9. Artist (simple tutorial + photo)
  10. Super Mario Brothers (photos)
  11. Bright Peacock (simple tutorial + photos)
  12. Pink Owl (tutorial + photos)
  13. Peter Pan (tutorial + photos)
  14. Beauty Queen (simple tutorial + photo)
  15. Sunflower (tutorial + photo + video)
  16. Robot (tutorial + photo)
  17. Rocket Man (simple tutorial + photo)
  18. Detective (photo)
  19. Little Miss Sunshine (simple tutorial + photo)
  20. Pig in a Blanket (simple tutorial + photo)
  21. Peacock (tutorial + photo)
  22. Pippi Longstocking (simple tutorial + photo)
  23. Raggedy Ann (photo)
  24. Giraffe (tutorial + photo)
  25. Pochahontas (photo)


Crunchy Frugalista said...

These are all adorable!

Kara said...

I love these!! Especially the little rainbow costume. I really need to get into making my own costumes for the kiddos. Thanks!

Young At Heart Mommy said...

WOW! This is an amazing list of ideas. I was considering making my daughter's costume this year but thought it was going to be terribly difficult. I love that each of these have a tutorial for moms like me! :)

Rhonda, Tara, Courtney of YVSG said...

Great list of ideas! I really love the homemade costumes that show up at my door. The Pippi Longstocking one is my fav, so far. :)

Melody said...

These costumes are adorable! Great post!

Kallie Greenly said...

I love the little peacock.

So adorable!

Jessica said...

Ohhh! The bright peacock costume makes me wish I had a baby girl!!!

Unknown said...

Those are super cute! I love the peacock! I will definitely be checking these out (yes, I'm a procrastinator! LOL)

Ronni Keller said...

Oh my... that little peacock butt is simply amazing!!

Unknown said...

Wow those are great! i'm not handy like that but I wish I was!

loven mommy said...

my DD was bugging last year (and again this year) for a peacock costume and i used this link to make it for her.wish i could share a photo. so proud of myself. thanks for sharing all these great ideas