Mommy's Favorite Things: Weight Loss Challenge OVER!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge OVER!

It has finished and completed. 8 weeks are up and I can't believe the transformation.

I will begin working out now to tone everything up!!

So are you curious how I did in just 8 short weeks?
AND I won the challenge!!!! I was the person who lost the most percentage of weight, so I won! 50% of the pot, so I won roughly $70!!!

I'm below pre Emerson weight. It really does take 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off. Emerson was coincidentally 9 months old yesterday! 
I was 130 when I got pregnant with him. 

I was 122 pre Avery, but was super muscular and 16, I know I'll never be back there and I don't want to be. I'm happy right where I am!


bellsam said...

i like the wearable blank in in kiwi gold