Mommy's Favorite Things: Some Knit Items!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Some Knit Items!

I've been busy knitting again. It feels good. Since Emerson was born I had only knit myself a hat, until just about a month ago. I finally got in the groove of knitting again.
I was sent a tester from a friend of mine to test out a sweater pattern. I jumped on it and was excited to get Emerson a nice sweater for the fall.
So here is his sweater in a 12-18m

Another friend of mine saw it and LOVED it, so I made her one too. Same size, but hers is cotton which knits up a bit bigger.
The buttons are Pink Sparkly!
This is also my FIRST sold item. Everything else I've knit in the past has been for us.

I've also been working on some dish cloths. My best friend and fellow blogger opened up her Etsy shop 2 days ago and I'll be knitting dish cloths for the shop. 
I might also make a sweater in neutral colors in a smaller size for the shop and see if it sells.
I also knit this for a friend's little girl that was born 2 weeks ago
Best picture I have. They were Drying...
And I'm knitting one just like it (different yarn) for Avery right now... In a size 6 :jawdrop: It's taking a while for sure since I'm just knitting it in between other projects. So I've been super busy, but I'm loving it!!


Tonya said...

Those are so adorable! I really need to knit more for my son. It seems like I spend more time knitting socks and gloves for everyone that requests them... my poor little guy gets neglected!

Carrie Phelps said...

Everything is so beautiful, what a great talent!!

Unknown said...

Nice. What yarn did you use? I'm currently knitting longies for my daughter. I finished a skirtie last night and lanolized it then; I hope to give it to my friend on Wednesday.

Heather S said...

The Sweater for Emerson is Paton's Harvest. The Sweater for a friend is Deborah Norville Everyday yarn in Cotton Candy (I think?!?!) and the Top is Purewool Beautiful