Mommy's Favorite Things: The Soothing Company Review

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Soothing Company Review

I love coming across unique websites. I know I say this often, but it's really true. There aren't too terribly many of them so it's exciting when I do come across them. I heard of this company from another blogger so I wanted to give them a contact!

The Soothing Company has things like Water Fountains, Aquariums, Hammocks, Bonsai trees and more!
I received a Bonsai Tree. I know they're relatively easy to care for and we've been really into plants lately!
I chose the Pomegrante Bonsai tree for review. 
It looked just like this when it arrived (but had no flowers)

Now it barely has any leaves left. It says it can lose up to 20% of it's leaves, but to be honest, I think it's lost at least 60%. 

It is starting to get new growth though! So that's great news. To be honest it's in an area that doesn't get much light. I think we're going to move it until it can grow better though and then put it back. 

It hasn't bloomed yet. It's supposed to bloom June-August, but nothing! The best part is it produces Pomegranates in October. But I don't think we'll see blooms or fruit this year! 

This tree is small Not including the planter ours is about 10" tall. So it's tiny. And it seems frail. I don't know how it's branches could support fruit. But I guess we'll see over time!
Their website says it will thrive indoors, but the tag that came with it said it was an outdoor tree. I'm sure it's fine either way, but it does seem delicate and frail, so I think it's best inside. 

Overall though we like it. It was a mess cleaning up leaves like crazy, but now that it's stopped shedding and it starting to produce new growth, I'm sure it will look great!

They have some other amazing products!!
This was my second choice
Fertile Earth Simple Garden Starter Kit
Fire Pits
Fire Places
This is also an aquarium!!!
And SO SO SO much more!
Price: This tree is $45

Overall: ***** Still a great little tree, even though it has lost most of it's leaves!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from The Soothing Company in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to The Soothing Company for allowing me to review this product 


Cara said...

I never knew what a Bonsai Tree was until I read your review. The fireplace and fire pit are beautiful!

Heather S said...

Most bonsai's don't bloom! But they are like mini trees and are just very cool. They require minimal water and pretty much care for themselves!

MommaSess said...

Very pretty! I would love to buy one for my office.

Wrmbreze said...

I love Bonsai trees, but I am afraid I don't have a green thumb when it comes to plants.