Mommy's Favorite Things: Tots Bots Review

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tots Bots Review

I already had a Tots Bots Easy Fit in the chocolate color. I love that diaper so much, when I heard that Tots Bots was releasing a new version I was super excited to try it! I received the new updated version in the Blueberry Color
These pictures really don't do it's color justice!
 Smallest Setting
 Medium Setting
 Largest Setting
 The right tab is a bit bigover for a large crossover!
 Laundry tabs
 The insert is minky and it comes with a fleece liner too
 Fleece liner
 Insert folds out. It's very large
 Then it folds in half and tucks inside the pocket which is very large
Flap comes over the insert so poo stays on the insert and doesn't escape the back. This is a very soft material
 Comparison between my old chocolate and new blueberry. Not much of a difference here besides the colored velcro
 Inside of the old version. (Sorry for the very light stain in the middle) It was bamboo on outside
 and microfiber underneath
 Great fit! He's on the second rise setting and he uses the crossover, but just barely.
 Nice and snug. 
To show color. It's halfway in color to the BumGenius Mirror and the Fuzzibunz Spearmint. It is really in the middle of these 2 shades!

I LOVE this diaper. The minky insert is awesome. It fits him great and that's about all there is to know :)

It's an AIO diaper so you never lose the insert, but I love that it also has a pocket so you can add absorbency if needed. I like that they send along a fleece liner which is good for keeping baby feel dry, but also for poo to easily slide off and into the toilet. 

This dries super fast since the insert is one layer. It comes out on it's own in the washing machine so no need for you to unstuff, which is also great! No need to touch anything dirty. 

I love these diapers though. The PUL is the softest I've ever touched. It's a bit thinner too which is good for better fit and stretch, but it's not so thin to make it non waterproof. 
This diaper is fantastic for night and absorbs really really well! I just love this diaper. I do like that the other version was bamboo. 

I think to make this the perfect diaper, they should put minky on top with bamboo on the bottom of the insert, it would make it a bit more absorbent and more anti microbial as well!

They have some AWESOME new prints as well!
Chicken Little. They all come in velcro or snap!


And a lot more! They also have all of their original solid colors too!
Bummis is the North American distributor of the Tots Bots Easy Fit!

Price: $23.95. It's SO worth it!

Overall: *****
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Bummis in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Bummis for allowing me to review this product 


Kendall said...

I love the idea of AIO with a pocket!

Stephanie H. said...

These diapers look so soft and comfortable for your little one. Plus the liner is awesome