Mommy's Favorite Things: Shake, Rattle & Roll Sponsor Spotlight BABY BABU

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shake, Rattle & Roll Sponsor Spotlight BABY BABU

This is a BRAND new company! They just released earlier this year. I'm taking about the becoming popular Baby Babu. They are a cloth diaper company and have wonderful items.

I received the Back in Black diaper. This is our first black diaper so I was super excited to get it. 
I received the diaper PLUS an additional bamboo insert!
 LOVE the black!!!!
 Smallest setting
 Medium setting
 Largest setting
 Inside, with the microfiber insert that was included
 The microfiber insert snaps inside the pocket
 LOVE the double gusset!!! And it has a sleeve pocket, so there's 2 openings.
 It came with 2 microfiber and the bamboo they sent me
 It's a good fit!!!
 PERFECT fit actually
 So handsome in black!
I asked him to include the Bamboo insert because Microfiber can get stinky. I'm so glad he did. I usually stuff the pocket with a microfiber and a bamboo. The bamboo is a lot thinner than the microfiber, but it's so much more absorbent!

Over night we usually use a fitted with a cover for better protection. A boy belly sleeper causes lots of leaks out the front. But with the microfiber AND bamboo insert, Emerson doesn't leak at all. Usually I change his diaper after about 8 hours at night, but I put this one to the test, I used it the full 11 hours and he STILL didn't leak. It was definitely saturated, but not enough to leak!! I was so happy about that.

This diaper really is no different than the Alva baby's and GoGreens. It's basically the same diaper, but it's a good diaper and I love it. I have a few of these diapers (different brands) in my stash and I love them all. They're all slightly different, but all perform the same. 

I don't like that there aren't any crossover snaps. Obviously we don't need them but since Emerson is 14.5 pounds and is only one snap away from being the tightest, I know an 8-9 pound baby would need the crossovers. Especially considering Emerson's belly is skinny. 

I do love the diaper though and it comes at a great price of $11.99. All of their diapers are just $11.99!!!

They have some other adorable ones too!

They also have diaper covers in solid colors, Which are also $11.99

Overall: ***** Love the diaper and it holds everything in well!

For the Shake, Rattle & Roll event, Baby Babu has offered one Mommy's Favorite Things the chance to win a Diaper in gender of Choice!
Look for the giveaway Starting Tuesday, May 22nd!


Kendall said...

I want that alien diaper! I've been contemplating buying it, lol.

baby diapers said...

These type of diapers are better choice for growing babies as we know that these are essential for babies, so parents should buy these type of diapers for their babies.

Gladys Parker said...

Luv the pink dots find no RC!
Gladys P
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