Mommy's Favorite Things: Nap Nanny Review

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nap Nanny Review

It's always nice to have somewhere you can safely set your child when you just need a break. 
We have a swing, but Emerson gave that up around 10 weeks old. We don't have a bouncer. We have pulled out the jumperoo, but that only keeps him busy for 10 minutes tops. 

I have heard of the Nap Nanny in the past and was excited to contact them once Emerson arrived. 
We received one in the Blue color!

 Doesn't he look comfortable? He LOVES this chair!
 It's a little big for the living room, but he loves it, so it's totally worth it!
There's no upper weight limit, so even Avery can sit in it to read!
 Doesn't she look thrilled? lol! 
She really likes this chair a lot too. She likes to sit in it and read Emerson books!!!
Emerson will sit in this seat for HOURS at a time. YES he really does. He will go in the playroom with Avery so I can shower, and sometimes I get out and I can get laundry folded, dishes washed and some stuff on the computer done before I realize he's still happy in there. 

He falls asleep in it for naps. It is truly an AMAZING baby gear item. I would recommend it to any new mom. There might be periods of time where he won't use this, but I know it will last for years!!!

It's a memory foam, so it is SUPER soft. The cover is minky and is completely machine washable, which is great! He's gotten some spit up on it, so I threw it in the washer and it came clean which still being super soft.

Overall, it's a great piece and I see us using it for years and years to come!

Price: The seat itself is a little pricey at $130, but that's the same price as a swing, so it's worth it. A swing only gets used for 6-9 months (MAYBE). This will get used for years!
They also sell covers for $50. Great if you have a child of a different sex a couple years later!

Overall: ***** LOVE this seat!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Nap Nanny in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Nap Nanny for allowing me to review this product 


Jackie said...

couldn't agree more.... we LOVE our nap nanny.. my only regret is NOT having one with our first!! The nap nanny has given me sleep, and helped calm my collicky baby!