Mommy's Favorite Things: Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop Spotlight GEFFEN BABY

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop Spotlight GEFFEN BABY

This is a different kind of review. I've only reviewed prefolds ONE other time and that was Bummis, it was their Prefold Kit. So this is a bit different!

This time I received 2 prefolds to test out from Geffen Baby. I received one Hemp Jersey prefold and one Hemp Fleece prefold.
I received these for product testing and it wasn't planned on me writing a review, so I didn't take pictures of the prefolds themselves. 
Here is a stock photo of the Hemp Jersey one
I received it in the Green Trim which is the size Emerson needs. It's a 14"X16.5"

The Hemp Fleece one is exactly the same, but it's a fleece outer material and is super soft and fuzzy!
Here is a picture of Emerson in the Hemp Fleece Prefold under a OS Rumparooz Cover
It's a VERY trim prefold

This is equivalent to a disposable in trimness. It's very trim and all his pants easily fit over this diaper!
I used the prefold Angel Wing folded under that cover there. 

I tested out these prefolds stuffed in a pocket, pinned/snappied on as well as angel wing folded and laid in a cover. They worked AMAZING all ways I tried them. 
They are very absorbent, My most absorbent prefolds by far and wash up really well as well as dry fast. The fleece one tends to take a bit longer to dry, but I leave it hang after a full dry load and it's usually fully dry within a couple hours. 

These diapers were really great. I'm a prefold lover. They are some of my favorite diapers, and these are my favorite brand thus far.

They are organic cotton prefolds 60% hemp and 40% cotton. They're made in the USA too which is really great! These prefolds are really great. 

The snappi grabbed both materials really great and it held it together nicely. Pins went easily through the fabric, but not easily enough that they slid all the way through. I had no problem pinning these on and they fit him perfectly. I was easily able to use these prefolds overnight with a cover and had NO leaks! They each lasted about 8 hours before I changed him. He's a belly sleeper and usually we have leaks, but these didn't leak. 

I would expect that this green trim diaper would fit to maybe 18 pounds or so? But after that it would be perfect trifolded in a cover or OS pocket!

Geffen Baby also offers other products like Inserts that are universal in all pockets! They're also great for AI2s as they're the same material of 60% hemp and 40% cotton!

Price: The Hemp Jersey prefolds can be purchased from Lovely Eco Chic and are between $5.30 and $8.20. The Hemp Fleece needs to be emailed or called in to Geffen Baby themselves! These prefolds are a bit pricey, but absorbency wise it's equivalent to 2 regular prefolds so they are worth it! And they're so soft and nice!

Overall: ***** for sure! 
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Geffen Baby in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Geffen Baby for allowing me to review this product  

For the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop, Geffen Baby has offered one Mommy's Favorite Things reader the chance to win their choice of either a Hemp Jersey or Hemp Fleece prefold ARV about $8 depending on size and choice! 
Look for the giveaway, which goes live May 1st!


Unknown said...

I tested their prefolds as well and LOVED them!! They're amazing and so absorbent.