Mommy's Favorite Things: How I make (and crack) the perfect Hard Boiled Eggs!

Friday, March 2, 2012

How I make (and crack) the perfect Hard Boiled Eggs!

This is just the way I do it, but they turn out perfect EVERY TIME!!

  1. Put eggs in the bottom of a pot. 1 layer only, so make sure the pot is big enough
  2. Fill the pot with COLD water just enough to cover the eggs
  3. Bring the pot to a boil on the stove over high heat
  4. Let boil for 1 minute (by the time I notice it's boiling, it's probably been a minute)
  5. Remove from heat (and turn burner off!), put lid on the pot and set your timer. For a small batch of eggs (under 6 or so) do about 10-12 mintues. For a larger batch do 16-18 minutes. Check one egg at the shorter time. If they're not done let them continue for 2 more minutes. 
  6. CAREFULLY put eggs into a bowl of ice cold water to cool
When done Here's how you crack them!!
Take an egg on the edge of a counter and crack it all the way around
Kind of hard to see here because it cracked the opposite way while cooking...
 Then you do this cool thing. Grab the egg with one side in each hand. Give it small twists and spin the egg around in your hand and keep gently twisting, you will feel the shell start to come off. Gently pull it off and it all comes off in just 2 pieces!! Some times it doesn't work very well, but for the most part it will come off so easily!! No more hurt hands from peeling and no more 100 chunks of shell! It should come off in just 2 pieces!!!

And you have a PERFECT hard boiled egg!!!
 For Deviled eggs I just take the inner and mix in Miracle Whip and Mustard, salt and pepper. Just add until it tastes right. Then fill the whites and sprinkle with paprika! YUM


Katie S said...

I'll have to give this a try! Thanks

Gina F. said...

I will definitely give this a try! Thanks Heather. I love hard boiled eggs!!!