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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emotibums Review

You all might remember my review on the Emotibums Longies that she made for Emerson. We loved those longies. They still fit him, but it's been a bit warm here for them. Even today it was in the 40s, but still warm for fleece inside the house. I was very thankful when she contacted me about reviewing her NEW Doubles 2 size Snapping Covers!

I received one for Emerson in the Rain/Cherry with a Smile on it in the size 1 (8-20 pounds)
I still just adore her logo ribbon!
 Smallest setting
 So cute!
 Smallest. There are 2 snaps on the front and they snap to 2 snaps down below. Just like a diaper adjusts in the rise.
 Still Smallest
 Largest Snapped up
Largest Unsnapped
Now. I discovered a medium size for this cover. Literally I discovered it, she had no idea this could be done. Those 2 top dark blue snaps, snap down to the white snaps on the front and you have a medium setting. It doesn't look like it would make that much of a difference, but it really does and it was the perfect setting for Emerson at the time!
 You can kind of see here. The top 2 blue, snapped to the white
 It makes a medium setting!!!
Here is Emerson on the medium setting of this diaper. 
This was over a HUGE fitted diaper, so it looks really huge, But it's so cute!!

I love this cover. It's fleece so it's waterproof, yet breathable and great for summer because of it's breathability. 
It is a bit bulky, but over a prefold this cover fit on the smallest setting and was a great fit on him. It can be washed and dried in the dryer and the best part about fleece is you can wash it with regular clothes AND use fabric softener on it which helps it repel even more. 

We got this and I put it on him right away. We left the house to go to dinner, when we got home his clothes were damp. So I washed it with softener and we haven't had damp issues ever since!

It has been a great little cover. I really love it! Now Emerson is on the middle setting with prefolds and the largest setting over a fitted, but it's still a great little cover. He's only about 14 pounds and it's still set pretty tight on him so he has some growing room to do yet. 

Price: I'm really not sure, but I'm sure it's TOTALLY worth it!! She isn't really selling these yet! Her Medium Fleece Longies are $20, so I'm sure these are reasonable!

Overall: ***** GREAT fit, great for over prefolds and fitteds. It's just a wonderful cover and SUPER cute!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Emotibums in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Emotibums for allowing me to review this product 


Gina F. said...

Emotibums longies are great for the winter and love that now they are making these cute covers as well. Emerson looks so cute with it on. I love the face on the back of the covers. Too Cute!!!

I love that you can pick which face you want on the longies or covers. A great company at that too. Thanks for the review. I will be looking out for when they start selling the covers. :)

Gladys Parker said...

Oh, How darling are these!

Jessi Gonzalez said...

How cute!!! Where do we go to purchase??

Thanks for the review!!
Jessi G.