Mommy's Favorite Things: Baby Crinkle Square Toy Tutorial

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Crinkle Square Toy Tutorial

I first saw this tutorial on a friend of mine's blog Here. I made mine the exact same way, but still wanted to do a tutorial on them for you all!

You will need 2 pieces of fabric. I have used fleece and flannel, flannel is easier to sew through because it's not as thick. But anything will work. Some crinkly material. I used an old cereal bag, but wipe bag works well too. Ribbon and thread (you can even sew these by hand!!!)

Please note. I can not cut a straight line or sew a straight line so these are not as pretty as hers! But they're still perfectly functional and adorable!
My lighting at the counter is TERRIBLE!
First you cut 2 pieces of fabric at 5.5" all around (or whatever size you want)
Then a piece of the plastic .5" bigger. 
Then you want to cut ribbon/s 5" long. You can do as many as you want. I went with 4.
 Next you're going to fold ribbon in half and pin it to 1 piece of fabric with the loop towards the center. Be sure to extend them a little past the fabric to make sure they catch when you're sewing.
 Then you put your plastic on the bottom. Material without the ribbons on top of that right side up, and then the material with the ribbons on top right side down. So right sides are together with the plastic on the bottom.
Then pin them all together
 Sew around all 3 layers and leave 1.5" space so you can turn it.
 Make corners round so they turn out easier. Just use scissors.
 Turn it out and push corners out with a pen. Then top stitch around it and close up the hole where you turned from.
NOTE, It is easier to have your turn hole in the middle of a side. Here I used the bottom left corner and the fabric doesn't stay in very well. If you leave the hole in the middle it keeps it's shape a bit better and is easier to keep it tucked inside.
 And that's it! 
I made the sailor one with flannel, same fabric on both sides and then the Fleece one has fleece solid teal on the back. It's THICK, so my ribbon moved around pretty good!
Next time I'm drawing my straight lines with a ruler on the material and plastic first. They are so far from straight!
These are SUPER easy to do, and would make great baby shower gifts! I will be making them for that purpose. This is stuff that most crafters already have in their home. Cereal bag, ribbon and fabric. You can't go wrong with a FREE (really cheap) gift!!!
I made both of these in under 15 minutes and that included cutting!

Have fun!


Katie S said...

That is so cute! I should totally do this! Thanks for sharing.

Gina F. said...

That is so cute and cool. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing Heather.

Unknown said...

I totally pinned this!! I love this idea and it's so inexpensive and quick and easy. Thanks for sharing. <3

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