Mommy's Favorite Things: My big Boy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My big Boy!

Emerson is such a big boy now. I can't believe how fast he's growing!

He's 11-11.5 pounds!!! EEK!! He has gained 4 pounds in 5 weeks. Our scale says 11.5, but that was with a diaper and outfit on, so somewhere in the middle there.
5 weeks old today!
Saturday at 1 month!
Avery is such a big helper. Sometimes she just gets in the way, but any time he even whimpers she runs and tries to give him a pacifier, or his bottle. She wipes his mouth when he spits up. She gets me diapers and picks his out for him all the time. She puts on his socks and covers him with a blanket. She's just so good with him!

When he cries and she can't figure out why, she'll rub his little head and 'shh' him! It's so ADORABLE!!!
They play together for about an hour every morning. He lays on the Rainforest playmat and she shakes his toys for him. It allows me to get dishes or laundry done. Bottles washed, pump etc. I can get stuff done!!

It's been an adjustment going from 1-2, but really it's not that bad! He's been a fairly content baby. He likes to be held a lot, but I'm so glad I have a wrap, it still lets me get stuff done. Other than that, he's content. 

He sleeps 4-4.5 hour stretches at night. We have finally gotten him to sleep in his bassinet for half the night! So he's not always on my chest at night!

Everything has been going good! Except me! I still have 12 pounds to lose (BOO)...
But I look pretty good and I'm fitting in half my pre preg jeans!! I'm going to start doing 30 Day Shred and Shed 5 fast next week after I get the all clear from my dr. so hopefully that lets me take off those last 10+ pounds.