Mommy's Favorite Things: Emerson

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Was 8 weeks old yesterday! Can you all believe it's been 8 weeks? Because I certainly can't. And that means that in 5 days he'll be 2 months old already!! OMGoodness this is flying by!!!

Some pictures!
Finally got his smile on Camera

 He'll for sure be a little Heartbreaker!!!
He does resemble Avery, but he's chubbier and looks more like Jon
Here is Avery at around 2 months. She had torticollis so her head was always tilted to the side
Can't believe he's growing up right before my eyes!!

I thought he was around 12-12.5 pounds (at least our scale said so), but at the Dr. on Monday to make sure he just had a cold he was 11lb 8oz. I think he lost a little weight though because he was only eating about 60% of what he had been before. 
Avery was 10lb 10oz at her 2 month checkup. His checkup is in 1.5 weeks still so I know he'll be over 12 pounds. He's much bigger than she was. 
He's wearing 3-6 month sleepers and 3 month clothes comfortably, but he's ready to go up to 3-6m and 6m pants because of the cloth diapers, but also for the length!

He's a big boy!


Gina F. said...

Heather he is a big boy but he sure is beautiful. I think he looks like Jon too. I know Avery must be so proud and loves to be a big sister as well. Take care and love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.