Mommy's Favorite Things: Apology

Friday, February 17, 2012


I apologize for the no posts!

We're all sick with a cold. Including Emerson. It's so sad to hear a 7 week old cough!!
Mine has turned into laryngitis and we're just trying to get over this. Avery is on her 6th day of it, I'm on my 4th, Emerson on his second and Jon's just starting to get it!!

I'll try and get a couple posts up today and/or tomorrow! But sorry for the slacking!


Anonymous said...

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Anastasia said...

Stop apologizing! Your blog isn't nearly as important as taking care of your kids! Doesn't matter if they are sick or not, your family comes first! We also had a bad virus and my one month old had a really bad cough for several weeks, fever, etc. My 3 y.o. is still coughing but at least no fever now. Get better! It feels so good to be well after being sick :)

Gina F. said...

Yes Heather STOP Apologizing. Your kids come first and please take care of yourself and hope all of you get better soon. A tip for you also. Spray Lysol everyday in your home and it will keep germs and virus away. Trust me it works. I spray Lysol everyday in my home and everyone in my home usually never gets sick from virus.

Take care and God Bless each one of you. Get well soon Heather, Jon, Avery and Emerson :)

Heather S said...

Thanks all! We hardly ever get sick either!! Last December we had the Norovirus and haven't been sick until this cold!! It stinks with such a little one in the house though!
I'm stuggling with fever and laryngitis. Avery's is almost over. Emerson just has the congestion and cough and Jon is just starting to get runny/stuffy!

Hopefully in the next few days it will all be over.

Gladys Parker said...

I hope you all start to feel better real soon. Don't worry about your posts. You and your family being sick is much more important, take care of yourself! God Bless you and your babies, oh hubby too lol
Gladys P